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Two weeks after his crash at Croft it was discovered that Aaron Zanotti of Red Viper Racing within British Superbike has fractured his back in addition to his known injuries of broken ribs and internal muscular bruising.
Zanotti was airlifted to hospital following a high speed crash at Clervaux corner in Sunday’s morning race day at the 10th Round of the championship. He said: “As I tipped in to turn one, the rear tyre let go. I got it back but knew I wasn’t going to make it round.�

“I was still carrying a lot of speed and was heading towards the gravel so I sat the bike up and hit the rear brake. As soon as the bike hit the gravel it stopped dead, throwing me high and far over the bars�.
The Loughborough rider was released from hospital the following day, but has since discovered that the front of the T6 vertebrae has been crushed and factured at the back. This prematurely ended his racing season and Peter Hickman continues as a replacement rider for the team.
Zanotti said: “I have been moving around a bit so when the doctor described my back as ‘extremely unstable’ I realised I had been really lucky. I’ll be fitted with a made-to-measure brace to support the vertebrae and it will let me move about. I will have to wear it for six to eight weeks in which time my back should heal. If it doesn’t it could need surgery, but either way it should heal fully.�
Following his recovery he aims to return to full fitness ready for next season with which nothing has been confirmed regarding a ride, but there are options. Zanotti would also like to say thank you to all the marshalls and medical staff that looked after him through the difficult time.

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