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bikesportnews.com's disappearance - reasons not to be cheerful

Dear visitors, advertisers, colleagues and friends

There was a moment about a week ago when I thought 'this site is never going to come back, I may as well give up now' and got so far as dialling the number which would have stopped what I regard as the best bike racing site in the UK and Europe coming back into existence.

At that moment, however, I was distracted by a question in the pub quiz about someone 'becoming death, destroyer of worlds' and didn't press the green button but it was close.


bikesportnews.com has been out of action for the best part of a month. This is not our fault. A company went into liquidation, stuff got turned off, an official receiver was called in and processes had to be processed. It took time.

All the work that had been put in over the last four years has gone missing. Someone is looking for it while shadowed by some barely-leashed and fairly nasty-looking lawyers from that there London. The site is not what it was but it is there. A lot of the regulars are missing but I thought it best to be running with a skeleton news section than nothing at all.

I would like to say a big thanks to our advertisers for remaining patient with us for if it was not for them, the site really wouldn't exist. I would also like to thank everyone for their support and messages of 'hurry the fuck up'. We're back now, we will continue to re-build, I just need to wake Edgar up…

Thanks again

David Miller



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