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Five minutes with Troy Corser

BSN Troy, you say you don't miss racing but why did you retire - because you wanted to or because you had to?

TC No, no I chose to. Towards the end of last season I spoke to BMW. Initially I had done a two year deal with them but I extended it to the third year so when they told me what their plans were and what sort of opportunities were available if I wasn't going to continue racing I decided it was time to pull the pin on it and let the other young kids go out and do it.

So you decided to do some more work with BMW unlike some others, Noriyuki Haga for example, and come and mix it with the BSB boys. Watching that last meeting at Brands Hatch probably frightened you off!


No, not at all! I always said that having got to world championship level I would never go back to national level. I have bad offers to go back to AMA and to come back here(Australia). But at the end of the day, I'm there to race for myself, the world championship was my goal and I got there.

Frank Sinatra sang "Regrets I've had a few ..." What regrets does Troy Corser have?

I don't do regrets - at all.

Nothing you missed out on, are you completely happy with your career?

Absolutely. I would have liked a bit more of a shot at the GP thing properly. But when it wasn't right and I came back to Superbike it sort of turned me off going back there again.

Why do you think it is that riders going from Superbike to MotoGP never seem to make it when they step up to the other class?

I think it's because it's a completely different world. When you go there it's not what you have been used to as a normal life. When you go over there nobody ever talks to anybody, it's all closed doors and all top secret. And if you haven't been brought up that way it seems very alien and you get a bit put off by it. Now if you've come up through the 125s you're used to it and doing it all the time.

You've always been known as a bit of a "larrikin". Do you think people are a bit dull these days, there should be a bit more personality, a more life in these riders?

There is, there still is. But because of all this social media a lot of people don't do it now because it comes back on you so unfortunately it has sort of ruined it. It is difficult to go out there and have a bit of fun, have a beer or two in case it gets on Facebook or Twitter. It has taken away all the fun.


So it is a good job it wasn't around when you were performing!

Well, I probably would have been in a lot more trouble! You get a lot more exposure now and you have to be professional. So if you're having a bit of a play it might come back and bite you.

A lot more riders seem to got injured these days. You and others like Biaggi and Checa have never had really serious injuries. Why is this? Maybe you have been lucky but there seem to be more crashes. Are the kids just trying harder?

I think now everybody's riding the bikes just as hard as they can. With all these electronics it is much easier to ride fast on a bike so the skill is a lot less.


You mean it has been de-skilled?

Well, they can ride the bike as hard as they want but the don't know what can happen if they over-ride. What used to happen without traction control, you'd end up over the handlebars.

What do you think of all this technology. Is it a good thing?

Nah! To make good racing they should ban all that sort of stuff and bring it back to rider skill. We are, after all, trained professionals. But, of course, the normal street rider wants to try to ride like us and, of course, he can't so we have to have all this sort if stuff to eliminate accidents.

How much time are you going to spend in the UK in future. You have spent quite a lot of time here in the past haven't you? In fact you lived here didn't you?

No, not at all. I live in Monaco and have been based there for 16 years. We do go to the UK a lot, Sam and the kids do the schooling there. And we enjoy it a lot.

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