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COTA set for February resurface

October’s visit to Austin for the Grand Prix of the Americas was met with much disappointment as MotoGP wrestled the degrading surface.

Described by some as ‘dangerous’, the condemnation of the Circuit of the Americas track was universal due to the bumpy nature of the 5.5km layout. The soft Travis County clay already known to move underneath, was exacerbated by the poor weather endured across the weekend.

The call for resurfacing was unanimous, with some riders openly suggesting they would refuse to race in 2022 if the situation wasn’t resolved, but with Austin back on the calendar in it’s traditional April slot for next season, the ‘Speed City’ team are up against the clock to complete the overhaul.


“The riders complained a lot about the situation on the asphalt of Austin,” FIM Grand Prix Safety Director Franco Uncini explained. “I discovered already in between the two races in Austria that I was going to visit Austin and I noticed that was very bumpy. Not as much as we discover when we raced, because unfortunately, the land is too soft and the situation is that these bumps continue to move. Depends on the moment, can be worse or less but anyway, it was a really bad situation during the GP.

“We wish to request for a complete resurface,” he continued, "but they cannot and they will do only the most important section where we discovered this kind of bumps - from entry of turn two to the exit of turn 10 - that will be compulsory.

"They will do only the end of February due to the activity already planned on track,” Uncini confirmed. “After that moment I will visit the circuit, and most probably will ride the bike on the track because I want to feel the situation on the bike.

“We agree to make this section with the riders, that is the real minimum we want to solve. We would like to have only one asphalt complete, but they cannot. They say that no time, probably no money I don't know, but anyway they cannot do a complete resurface.

“The minimum is from turn two to turn 10 and not only the last layer of the asphalt, but to go under to solve the problem with the bumps,” he concluded.

With the work scheduled for February, Uncini is anticipated to examine the track just over two weeks after completion for the expected sign off, ahead of 2022’s fourth round visit on April 10th.

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