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Jake Dixon is 'ready to take on the battle' in the last 12 races of the season

Gold and Goose

Jake Dixon is prepared to fight in the second part of the season as he believes that he is still in the title fight with rivals Pedro Acosta and Tony Arbolino.

Ahead of his home Grand Prix Jake Dixon was very vocal in the media about how he believes that he can still win the Moto2 title this season. The British rider took his first Grand Prix victory before the summer break at Assen and is arriving at Silverstone looking to emulate his performance from last time out.

Dixon is in his sixth season in Moto2 and he has had good chances to win his first Grand Prix. However, it took the British rider 72 Moto2 starts to win his first race in the class.


"It is fantastic to finally get that illusive win that I feel should have come earlier," said Jake Dixon ahead of his home Grand Prix. "But it didn't for whatever reason. I have been feeling good for the last year and a half with the team, they are providing me all I need in this class.

"I had a rough 2021 coming back from injury and that was obviously difficult then we moved to Aspar, and all the hard work paid off. Last year I made far too many mistakes crashing out of the lead of races, that was my own doing.

"Finally, this year I have tidied it up a bit more I am able to be a lot more consistent and can take what I can get on days when I am not as fast as the others."

Jake Dixon, GasGas Aspar, 2023 Moto2, Dutch TT, Assen, portrait, podium, celebration [ credit - Gold & Goose]

"Talking is talking and doing is doing we all have to go out there and do it..."

Dixon was very open when he was asked whether he could still fight for the Moto2 title despite being 44 points behind the Championship leader. The 27-year-old is clearly not afraid of the challenge and will face it head on.

"I just let the media hype up them and I just get on with it in the background," said Dixon about his Championship rivals.

"Listen, talking is talking and doing is doing we all have to go out there and do it, whether they have got the hype behind them or not is not going to make them perform better. I am ready to take on the battle we have got 12 races to go I have been training as hard as everyone else."

There have been rumours that Dixon will be in MotoGP next season, the British rider has made it clear that he wants to be there. However, the true question is whether there is enough space to accommodate him.

"100% I want to be in the MotoGP I feel much more comfortable even when I did them couple of races here at Silverstone and in Aragon. There is limited spaces obviously and a lot of riders.

"Frankie (Carchedi), my manager, is talking to everyone that he needs to talk to that is available he will do the best that he can do there is no more that I can do.

"I just have to perform, so lets see what happens."

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