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MotoGP Austin: Race direction must be more strict – Lorenzo

Former MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo has called for the series’ race direction team to be more strict on aggressive riders in order to prevent incidents like the ones in Argentina happening again.

Lorenzo, who was a very aggressive 250GP rider but changed his outlook when he entered MotoGP, believes Mike Webb and his team should look a lot more closely at the actions of riders and come down harder on those who transgress the rules.

“Race direction should penalise strongly these actions. That’s the only way the riders who make these actions stop making these actions. Because he knows that some penalty will happen to me. It happened to me in 250, I was very aggressive, and I changed completely my strategy and my point of view,” said Lorenzo, speaking in Austin.


“Now, if you think riders who never made a mess, you think of [Dani] Pedrosa, [Andrea] Dovizioso, or myself, or maybe someone else. If you think of the opposite, you can also count those riders on one hand, the riders who are sometimes too aggressive.

“Finally, it’s not the rider’s fault. It’s race direction fault. If race direction gives hard penalties, next time the rider won’t make this action, for sure. So it’s always race direction’s fault.

“Race direction can sometimes make a mistake, like a soccer referee. But it should not be usual to make a mistake. Now I think we have to put one level more. Learning from what happened in Argentina, this is OK, it should have happened before, but OK, after Argentina, one level more.”

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