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MotoGP Austria: Dovizioso did not 'risk' opting for the soft rear tyre

Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso is feeling conflicting emotions this evening, as he is happy with his team’s first win in MotoGP since 2010, but is ‘disappointed’ that he lost out on the victory to his team-mate, Andrea Iannone.

The two works Desmosedicis were locked in a battle for the glory, but Dovizioso’s biggest disappointment was that even though he felt really strong on braking and had a good feeling with the bike, he did not want to ‘risk’ opting for the softer rear tyre compound, which in the end Iannone decided to run with, and Dovizioso stated that it ‘proved to be the winning move’.

The softer front and medium rear tyres that Iannone ran with meant towards the end of the race he had a slight advantage of his Ducati countryman, with Dovi deciding to run with the medium front and harder rear slicks.


“Everyone was struggling with the rear tyre and no one wanted to take a risk, apart from Iannone. I am disappointed about that because I was very happy about my bike and the feeling was amazing and in the braking I was better than Iannone so I thought in the fight I could beat him. But in the end didn’t have the grip like him on the right, I am disappointed because it was our decision. We did a first and second Ducati and that is an important result,” said Dovi at the track.

“I was in front for many laps and I didn’t push 100 percent because everyone had to manage the rear tyre, when I tried to push more I didn’t have the grip on the right. I didn’t have the same grip and I couldn’t stay with him until the end and I was disappointed about that. But I am proud of the work we did today.

“I’m disappointed that I was unable to win however, because today I had a really good feeling with the bike and I was really good under braking. We didn’t take the risk of opting for the soft rear tyre, which in the end proved to be the winning move.

“Iannone on the other hand decided to use it and as he was the only one to do so, towards the end of the race he was at an advantage. In the last few laps, especially in the right-hand corners, I was losing too much time and I wasn’t able to stay close enough to make an attack on him. It’s a pity, but we must look at the positive side of the race because today we obtained a great team result.”

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