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MotoGP bosses enforce development freeze for 2021 season

MotoGP bosses have this afternoon enforced a technical freeze on development for the 2021 season to cut costs but stopped short of a single-bike rule favoured by Ducati’s Gigi Dall’Igna.

For 2020, there will be no update of homologated parts for any teams should any racing go ahead whole for 2021 all teams must start the 2021 season using March 2020 homologated parts.

Then, normal upgrade regulations will apply for the rest of the 2021 season as per current regulations meaning no engine evolution for non-concession manufacturers and only one aero-body update per rider for all manufacturers.


For the first event of 2021 riders will be allowed to choose between any engine or aero-body specification that the manufacturer homologated in 2020.

A statement said:

Currently, all manufacturers that don’t qualify for concessions have to homologate an engine specification for the whole season. Manufacturers are allowed to homologate a different specification for riders in Independent teams.

Until now, manufacturers with concessions didn’t have this limitation and could change specification during the year.

In addition, all manufacturers were allowed two aero body designs per rider per season; the one they started with at Qatar plus one upgrade.


In Moto2, all aero development is now frozen until the end of 2021. All chassis manufacturers can submit any current or previous frame or swingarm for homologation.

Each team will then be required to declare a maximum of two specifications of frame and swingarm per rider from their chassis manufacturer homologation list.

Any replacement or substitute rider will be required to use only the declared parts for the rider they are replacing.


Bike specification, as declared by each manufacturer at the Qatar GP 2020, will be frozen for the 2020 and the 2021 seasons, meaning no further upgrades will be permitted on any listed performance parts, chassis, swingarm, engine, aero body, gearbox or throttle body.


Ride-height devices

Ride height devices, to aid the rider during the start of the race, are permitted within the current rules for MotoGP.

However, due to possible high development cost that these devices could require,they are banned in Moto3 and Moto2.

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