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MotoGP Jerez: Rossi no closer to rear grip solution

Valentino Rossi is no closer to finding a solution to his rear-grip problems at the Jerez MotoGP round and has dismissed an idea from Michelin that it is down to his riding style.

Michelin head cheese Piero Taramasso believes the root of Rossi's overheating rear could be that he doesn't hang off the M1 enough, but Rossi says this isn't the case.

"I don’t agree with Taramasso. I heard the interview, but if you look at the images I am a lot out of the bike because we work a lot under this point of view and with the Bridgestone tyres we were also more out of the bike than now. Now with the Michelins, you cannot stay too much outside," said Rossi.


"I don’t think it's true. The problem is not that. Because for example Dovizioso is another rider that his style, he is completely on the bike, but he doesn’t finish the tyres. So for me, it's not that problem.

"Usually in my career I always ride and prefer the hard tyres, at the front and rear. In the past I did the best races in my career with hard tyres.

"Now the Michelin tyres are very soft, a very soft casing and very soft rubber, and for me it's not easy.

"Also because I am maybe the tallest, for sure more than the average height. I'm very slim, but my weight is quite high because of my height."

"It's my problem, not a Michelin problem, Because anyway the other guys are fast. So I agree with him that we need to find a way, but I don’t agree that the problem is I'm not far enough out of the bike."

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