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MotoGP Jerez: Top riders up in arms over wet tyre life

Leading MotoGP riders are concerned over the life of Bridgestone's wet tyres for Sunday's Jerez MotoGP race as they are afraid even the hard-compound hoops will destroy themselves in a matter of laps should the track dry out.

Valentino Rossi is doing a rain dance after his second place in this afternoon's session while reigning champion Casey Stoner says there is no chance the wets will last race distance if the circuit begins to dry. He went on to say his rear wheel was spinning the length of the two straights, while Andrea Dovizioso said the situation could become dangerous.

"No way will the tyres last. After the laps I did today, the centre part of the tyre was finished, more or less the same as what happened last year in the race, everyone's tyres destroyed themselves very quickly. They have brought the harder compound but because we get so much less grip with it you're just spinning more," said Stoner.


The more you spin, the more temperature you put in the tyre and the last four laps we did, it was spinning the whole front straight and back straight. You short shift, use 50 per cent throttle and you're still spinning the whole way. It's not looking good for the life of the tyre if it is fifty/fifty conditions. I don't know if it is this track or what. We need to go to another track and see if we have the same problem in similiar conditions.

"You get good feeling but if it started raining again like it did last year and you saw rider after rider going down, then that's when it gets very hairy."

Rossi is as concerned about the front tyre as the rear but agrees with auld enemy Stoner about riding on a drying track with the wets on.

"Some thing that will be very important is that if we have a race like last year with a lot of water, it become difficult for everybody because the tyres finish all the rubber very early so maybe it will be a difficult race with half/half conditions," said Rossi.

"The problem is also on the front. If the race starts as it was this afternoon, it is risky to begin with a slick tyre. You will have to try and manage to the end or stop for to change the tyre but you lose a lot of time. Maybe it is a good idea to practice a fast change."

Monster Yamaha's Cal Crutchlow went as far as to call for the return of intermediate tyres as he couldn't find any grip with the hard compound wets.

"They need to do something, an intermediate. If it was fully wet but no clouds, I would start the race on an intermediate. The hard tyre we used this morning, the one they said was going to last, is fine in the dry but as soon as you hit wet, it spins. Because it is so hot it goes over the water, there is no grip it all, it's like riding in the rain with slicks. It needs to keep raining because if it stops, we are all in trouble," said Crutchlow.

"If we have what we had last year, I will be pitting in as we have nothing to lose. I would have gone out on slicks at the end of the second session but there's no point. I mean, I couldn't change gear because it was spinning so much."

Team-mate Dovizioso said it was impossible to make a tyre for these conditions. "There is not enough water with this temperature, it is like last year. You don't have traction after three laps because the tyre is overheating. It is sslo dangerous because the tyre is too soft."

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