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MotoGP Sepang test: 'We've had a new bike every time' - Edwards

Forward NGM's Colin Edwards thinks it will take until the end of the 2012 MotoGP season before he can get the electronics on his CRT BMW working how he wants them but the pragmatic Texan says that's the way it has to be and that he has basically been riding a different bike at each test so far.

The two-time World Superbike Champion by the fastest of the CRT men by three seconds at Sepang and cut the lead Casey Stoner has to him back to three seconds so it is the new Suter-chassied bike which is making the most forward progress out of all the bikes that were testing in Malaysia.

“To be honest, it was frustrating for two days and finally on the last day, we were working with the throttle connection and we found something. In that aspect, it was a good test. In terms of the electronics I don’t think we will reach the end of the electronics until the last race in Valencia: we are going to be working and improving. But as they say: “Rome wasn’t built in one day”," said Edwards.


"It’s not a very quick process but each test we keep improving, so that’s the key. Yes but we moved the ceiling and made it a little bit taller. We arrived with a new chassis and also a new engine spec. So from the first test to the second test to the third test, we’ve had basically a new bike every time. This time we got what we would consider the 2012-spec.

"Yes, we do have a little bit chatter but its much better than what it was and I believe we know how to fix it. For the next test in Jerez I don’t have a main focus other than to make the entire package better. We need to come up with solutions quickly and efficiently and for that we need accurate information from our data…. we can’t afford right now to get off base."

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