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MotoGP Silverstone: ‘We lost a shot at pole today’ - Laverty

Aspar Ducati’s Eugene Laverty is an angry man after MotoGP qualifying even though he finished in sixth place, a ‘fuck up’ fuck up with his rear tyre pressure meant he felt like he was riding on ice and the Monegasque evenutally crashed while on pole position pace.

Laverty has laid the blame squarely at his Michelin technician who, he says, went the wrong way with his pressure and he was so incensed, Laverty went into rostrum or hospital mode.

“I was really angry. The bike felt perfect in FP4 and Q1. There was a problem with the bike in Q2 and it was a disaster. The rear tyre felt like ice and that’s why I was wobbling around a few seconds slower than what I did in Q1,” said Laverty, speaking at the track.


“On the last lap out of anger I thought, ‘What the hell.’ It felt like I was going to crash in every corner because the rear tyre felt like a slick.

“For some reason the Michelin technician changed the pressure and went the wrong way. Against my orders. It was a disaster. That’s why I crashed. The bike as it was on Q1, everything was perfect. Then in Q2 it was a f**king disaster.

“I’m really upset. He went down with the tyre pressure, which was the wrong way. I’m just so pissed off with it. It was the opposite of what I wanted to do. I thought we had left everything the same. What can I say? A real f**k up. It’s a sixth position and I should be happy with that but with the bike we had in Q1 there was a pole position today. We lost a good shot at it. You don’t get so many chances like that. That’s why I’m so upset.”

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