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Pneumatic valves and big-bore overhaul turns Aprilia RSV4FW into 250bhp MotoGP rep

Well, isn’t this exciting? The cheeky chappies at Noale have tossed a sexy-tech grenade into the ether, just before they swan off for a limoncello-fuelled buone Natale or whatever they call it. This saucy xmas gift comes in the form of a 250bhp MotoGP replica of its fabulous RSV4 track weapon, and it has the techiest of tech lists around.

The headline is pneumatic valves - used on F1 cars and MotoGP bikes for an age now, and essential for high-rpm, radical valve timing. The pneumatic bit refers to the method of valve closing - instead of steel coil springs, the design uses air pressure to push the valves closed after the camshaft has bashed them open. There are two benefits here - the valve can be closed faster, and thus follow a more aggressive opening and closing profile. And without the hassle of super-strong steel valve springs, or the desmodromic mechanical system used by Ducati, there’s less friction. Downsides? Well, you need a source of high-pressure air, so the bike needs a complex/expensive compressor/storage tank setup.

Further down the spec list is another gem though. The RSV4 FW GP has a bigger bore than the stock RSV4’s 78mm. The GP bore is up to 81mm, meaning a super-short 48mm stroke, ouch. That ties in with the pneumatic valves of course - to get high revs, you also need a short stroke. Reducing the distance the piston has to travel on each stroke lowers the average speed of the piston, and its mean piston speed which is one of the big limits on peak engine revs.


Happily, a wider bore also allows more space for bigger valves, improved squish area and the like, but go too far and you end up with a very flat combustion chamber, which can end up taking too long to combust fully at peak revs. We’re sure the Aprilia engineers will have sorted it all out though…

The rest of the bike is almost comically fancy. Ohlins FGR gas forks, carbonio everywhere, lashings of top electronics, and the assistance of the Aprilia race division to get it all up and running for ya. Nice, and what you’d expect from a bike that’s not so far from what they were running in yer actual proper Moe Toe Gee Pee back in 2015. Standout feature is an ‘ANTIJERK’ control, which will have been bouncing off the limiter in the 2015 GP paddock no doubt (JOKE! You’re all lovely!).

There are two fat flies in the ointment of course. First is the price: €160,000, or about £130k, which is sort of in keeping with the likes of Honda’s RC213V-S, but makes Ducati’s Super Leggera look almost like a bargain. Second is the fact this is purely a track bike - not available for road use. How long before some hero sticks a daylight MOT and a trade plate on one though?


Electronic system – Race lightweight version, simplified and without ABS system. Brake system
equipped with simplified tubes kit.

Dedicated bike and engine harness. APX logic unit developed by Aprilia Racing, fully
reprogrammed as for example in the ignition and engine control parameter. Electronic
assistance for up and down shifting (Blipper). Hand terminal included (to set the strategy and
bike parameters), GPS sensor, race buttons and light lithium battery. Digital TFT and color
Dashboard that allows to see the main engine parameters.

Data recording – Data acquisition system that allows to log the original sensors fitted into the
bike, like Demand, RPM, water temperature, front and rear speed, roll and pitch angles. It is
possible also to acquire the optional sensors allowed in the international FIM rules. With the
bike will be delivered a licenses for one year of the software “ABM base” (to manage and
analyze data) and for the software “ARES” (to manage and set the APX).

Main specs of the APX logic unit:

1. Allows to modify or create new maps for ignition and injection.


2. Easy setting of bike parameters and strategy tuning by hand terminal or software.

3. Sensors diagnostics.

4. Includes setting and strategy to increase the performances of the bike, together with

the riders requirements and the characteristics of the circuit. E.g.:


Setting of RPM limiter for each speed.

  • Setting of Pit lane speed limiter.
  • ETC (electronic demand control)
  • VTP (setting of trumpet position).
  • TCS (traction control).
  • ADAPTATIVE TCS (adaptive traction control on track changing conditions)
  • DISTANCE BASED (strategy parameters based on different sectors/curves)
  • ENGINE BRAKING (engine braking setting of each speed).
  • POWER REDUCTION (power reduction setting of each speed).
  • Blipper
  • Lap time
  • Engine Prepared by the technicians of Aprilia Racing with MotoGP specifications. Maximum power: More than 250 HP at the main shaft. Pneaumatic valves. Dry clutch with back-torque limiter. Removable gearbox cassette Exhaust – Akrapovic Racing Tit.

Front suspension - Ohlins Racing FGR300. Triple clamps with adjustable offset.

Rear suspension - Aluminum Under-arm swing arm with ±25mm adjustment range. Ohlins
shock absorber TTX GP

Front brake – 336mm dual stainless steel disc “T” drive. Brembo Racing 30-34 monoblock radial
calipers with 4 opposing pistons. Sintered pads.

Rear brake - Single disc DP218

Chassis and accessories - SBK with steering axle and swingarm pivot adjustment

Cooling system – high performance water and oil coolers

Front wheel - 3.5x17” aluminum ultra-light forged rim

Rear wheel - 6.0x17” aluminum ultra-light forged rim

Fairings and seat holder - Structural carbon fibre

Fuel tank - Aluminum light weight with high capacity (22.5l)

Colour scheme - Colour scheme can be personalized according to the clients request

Prezzo: 160.000 euro iva esclusa (EXW Noale)


USE: To use this bike on circuit it is necessary the support of Aprilia racing.

Warranty: No components of these models are covered by warranty.

Public roads usage ban: These motorbikes and their components have been designed just for
racing championships, therefore registration documents will not be provided. It is strictly
forbidden to use this motorbike on public road.

All information and technical data here mentioned could be subject to change without notice.


Delivery: To define. At least 60 working days after order confirmation.

Terms: EXW Aprilia Racing (Noale, Venice – Italy).

Payment: Bank transfer. 20% at the time of the order, the balance before the collection of the


Info: factoryworks@aprilia.it

WhatsApp: +39 337 1537819

Web site: http://www.serviceaprilia.com/public/racing/

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