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Internet forums. I once thought they were a great idea. A live place for people to air their views and opinions, to generate debate and chew the fat on their particular subject of choosing.

That opinion has changed. I now firmly believe they are places populated mostly by people who are terminally hard-of-thinking, or those who need to get out more. Or use them as a break from one-handed surfing.

What, I hear you cry, has this got to do with Donington and MotoGP? Well, after we (yes, us The Times, not you as you so boldly stated) broke the story that Donington would be hosting Formula One, I made the mistake of looking on a couple of forums to see exactly what cyberspace made of it all.


The most inane comment I found (among thousands) referred to the road system around the Leicestershire track and read: “They can’t get people out of there for a BSB round, getting out for F1 will be chaos.” Except it wasn’t spelled like that.

Another one was: “That’s the end of racing at Donington Park as we know it, no more MotoGP…”

Excuse me? How dim can you be without being pronounced dead? Do these people really think circuit owner Tom Wheatcroft bowled in Bernie Ecclestone’s office, gave him the secret handshake and waltzed out with the contract?

One of the first things on any agenda would have to be the system of how you get people in and out of the track. Ecclestone forced the BRDC (and Northamptonshire County Council) to build a bypass around Silverstone village in order to keep F1 a few years ago because of the chaos it caused.

And Donington will be exactly the same. It’s a £100m development, dimwits, right next to a busy airport. Fortunately, it’s also right next to the M1 and the M42 so some farmers’ land will have to be compulsorarily purchased, and a great road network will be set up. There is no way Ecclestone would entertain giving Donington Park F1 if getting the paying public into the place wasn’t top of the agenda.

And as for Donington losing MotoGP? There as been much wailing and gnashing of teeth that MotoGP will be ignored and moved an old airfield in the middle of Northamptonshire as Donington will just concentrate on F1.

Think, McFly, think. Silverstone got the bum’s rush because its facilities weren’t up to standard for F1. Will it now spend a fortune upgrading its facilities now that it has lost the contract for F1? No.

Will Dorna look at the plans for Donington Park, all £100m of them, and say: “Oh look, we’ve got a state-of-the-art track here in Leicestershire with all the facilities known to man which will stage a great MotoGP event, and people can get in and out easily. I know what we will do, we will give the contract to Silverstone from 2010, as that’s a much better venue…”


Please interweb forum nerd types. Think before you type. Or I shall be forced to talk to you mothers…

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