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Honda ADV adventure scooter wasn't just a bad acid trip after all

Of course, maybe it’s just us. But the Honda ADV adventure scooter concept shown off last year seemed a bit nuts. Proper offroading means long-travel suspension, loads of ground clearance, big, spaced mudguards and light weight. Adventure bikes are generally about long-distance comfort, luggage ability, pillion space, and maybe even ease of maintenance. Repairing an old R1150 GS at a roadside garage in Nairobi kinda thing. Fancy trying to find a replacement bottom yoke for one of these after an off in the middle of the Kalahari?

So we’re scratching our heads a bit at the announcement that the ADV scoot is going to go into production. An adventure scooter is like a supersports cruiser, or a touring moped - you could probably make one work, but why would you want to?

However. Honda is the biggest bike firm in the world, so it knows what it’s doing, we imagine. That probably means the ADV will be like a NIssan Qashqai, or a Honda CR-V crossover SUV - nothing much to do with adventure at all, bar the faux styling. It will no doubt be quite pleasant to ride, very reliable, economical to run, and maybe a tiny bit dull. We’re mad keen to be proved wrong mind - and will be taking one onto a MX track at the earliest opportunity…


There are no concrete details on what the final product will be like - we’ll get the full specs at either the Cologne show next month, or Milan in November. Watch this space for more…

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