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STOP PRESS…Global Warming to miss Norfolk!

The Bemsee Paddock at Snetterton was rife with disquiet at the weekend.
An air of anxiety pervaded, and the atmosphere in the pits was brittle with tension.
Groups huddled in corners, voices alternately raised, then hushed, as opinions and ideas were debated, positions taken, alliances made, and then, as quickly, broken.
It was fractious, bitter, and potentially catastrophic.
Yet, when all seemed lost, the wiser heads prevailed.
A decision was taken.
A large hook will be inserted through the centre of England, and the whole bang shooting match will be towed 1100 miles south, and plonked in the sunny south of Spain.
Job done.

‘Youth? Wasted on the Young’ (Oscar Wilde, Yamaha Past Master No. 101)

I can reveal that YPM stalwart, sage, and person of advance years, Nick Sanders, has discovered the ultimate wheeze, in order to avoid EVER losing a race.
He simply doesn’t start them!
How brilliant!
The elegant simplicity of his plan has left his fellow competitors reeling in the wake of his awe-inspiring perspicacity.
And is he spending his hard-won downtime kneeding dough, perforating doilies, or polishing his Routemaster?
Why, no!
The Colonel has been more than gainfully employed, tinkering with his impending nuptials, or, rather, the plans thereof.
Careful application of prescribed ointment has been rumoured to be a success, and it might just be that we are lucky enough to be graced with his presence at some future tourney.
His opponents quake…
Well done, Mon Colonel!
Job done.


By their deeds shall thee know them…

As Snetterton’s circuit manager, and veteran of many a motorsport triumph and crisis, Jamie Hopper is not one to ride an office chair when there’s get-down-and-dirty work to be done.
Newcomer, James Darby, was beaten up by his own machine as it squirmed out of control across the grid at the start of Saturday’s first Rookie 600 race.
After dumping James, it landed from a considerable height, splat on the track, and spewed oil everywhere.
Step forward, Jamie. Not just offering advice on the clean-up mind you, but bending his back with a broom in hand, he led by example.
A standard set, but rarely equalled since, by Mallory Park’s John Ward, who famously wielded the world’s biggest hair-dryer, in a brave attempt to rescue a British Superbike event…
Great brushwork, Jamie.
Job done.

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