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The superb new addition to the racing scene, ThundersportGB, suffered a quieter-than-intended introduction to the airways last night.
Word has it that, somewhere in a Paris studio, a technician was admiring a photo of La Femme du President, whilst casually crushing his croissante, and failed to notice that a rip-roaring two-hour bike fest, was just a little, how can I put it, tranquille?
He hadn’t pushed the sound-on switch.
The pictures were great, but the commentary was non-existent.
Bikers all over Britain were doing headstands in the shower, jamming lighted Navajo candles down their eardrums, and trying to take their helmets off, only to discover they already had.
Superteens across the UK had been allowed up beyond their bedtimes, ready to enjoy their three superb battles at Mallory Park, only to be thwarted by a technical twitch across the channel.
Thankfully the error was corrected for the second half of the show, but, for those of you who suffered in silence, the full sound and fury of ThundersportGB should be on Motors TV, channel 413, at:
10.00 Tuesday 1st April
05.00 Wednesday 2nd April
16.00 Wednesday 2nd April
01.00 Thursday 3rd April
See, hear, and enjoy!

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