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bikesportnews.com HITS ITS SECOND BIRTHDAY

Funny innit? bikesportnews.com is two years old. In fact, we were two on May 8 but I forgot.

It's been an interesting time. No-one knew about us two years ago and not many people know about us now, if the truth be told. But it's nice being a niche within in a niche. And the right people know where we are, don't they Mr Wright?

What makes this thing work? I like to think of it as a little community. It does what Crash and MCN doesn't do, but it isn't their remit. bsn.com is the place for all racing, from The Doctor to The Hoyles. From MotoGP to Thundersport, we try to do all of it. OK, sometimes we miss stuff. Let us know when we do.


bikesportnews.com is what I would like to term as helpful. Sometimes it is mischevious. Sometimetimes it is funny. Sometimes it is wrong. But it is always fair. We try to give everyone a crack of the whip, from Vale to Fraser, from Ben's Pies to Row Miller.

I think by the recent traffic figures, and by some comments by racers, we are doing well. That's good. If you have any comments, please email me here.

It would be remiss of me to talk about bikesportnews.com without mentioning those that make it work. In no particular order, ithankyouuuuu:

Tammy Milsom
The stout chaps at Double Red
Paul Sturman
Robin for concentrating on Setanta
Una for making Robin concentrate on Setanta and leaving me to get on with it
Kate for being Kate
Georgie for being sane in the worst of times
Andrea Campbell and her dad Philip
Helen Pask
Phil Wain
Stuart Higgs
Dave Stewart
Steve Day
Dave Fern
Russ Gardner
Larry Carter
Sue Jobling
Paul Bird
Steve Bostock
Mark Fenwick
Aunty Wendy
Mark Ingleby
Colin Wright
Shaun Muir
Mick Shanley
Havier Beltran
Leon Haslam
Oli Stringer
Simon Andrews
Scott Smart
Tommy Hill
Mark Woodage
Carly Rathmell
Elaine Louise Cain. That's Elaine. Elaine. E-Lou. Ha!
Pippa Morson
Eugene Laverty
Bonnie Lane
Tony Goldsmith
John Ulrich
Dave Couldwell
Alan Rawlings
Camp Freddie
Jenny Tinmouth (You've got my number)
Maria Costello (Unfortunately, so have you)
Martin Knighton
Warren Scott
The team at webexpectations.com
Rachel for being eye candy
MCN.com for not only taking their eye off the ball this year, but losing the ball totally
Crash.net for not knowing what a good story looks like. Keep publishing the press releases, it's all traffic...
And all the contributors and press and PR people for all the teams (including Shelley, now there's a honey).

Thank you to Neenie who looks after our Facebook page, and to BBT, Twinks and SBF who sort the forum for me. I am massively in your debt.

If it wasn't for all you people, this website would be crash.net.

Thank you.


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