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2024 North West 200, Supersport: Todd Bounces Back for Supersport Race 2 Win

Impact Images

The 2024 North West 200 takes place this week, and in the Supersport class the absence of Alastair Seeley means the class is especially unpredictable this year.

Race 2

Davey Todd claimed his second win at this year’s North West 200 when the Powertoolmate Ducati rider came out on top in a thrilling six lap Supersport race, Richard Cooper (BPE/Russell Racing) and Michael Dunlop (MD Racing Triumph) crossing the line close behind in second and third.

It was Cooper’s team-mate Mike Browne who made the early running only for Todd to nip ahead at University, and they had Cooper and Dunlop for close company with the four riders opening up a small gap over fifth placed Peter Hickman (Trooper Triumph by PHR Performance). Paul Jordan (Jackson Racing Honda) was sixth initially, but he overshot the Mather’s Cross chicane.

Richard Cooper, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images.

Browne was back in front at Mather’s but at the end of the first lap, the running order was Todd, Browne, Cooper and Dunlop, the quartet covered by just over a second as Todd edged away along the coast road. Hickman remained in fifth with Conor Cummins (Milenco by Padgetts Honda) right in his wheeltracks as Craig Neve, Jeremy McWilliams, Ian Hutchinson and Gary MoCoy rounded out the top ten.

Lap two saw Dunlop drop off the pace slightly, but Todd was continuing to edge ahead as team-mates Browne and Cooper disputed second. However, it didn’t take long for Cooper to close back in and halfway round the lap, he took over the lead from Todd.

He ran wide at Metropole though which gifted the lead back to Todd and his advantage after two laps stood at 0.351s, Browne and Dunlop close behind in third and fourth respectively. Cummins was now fifth from Neve (Bathams Racing Triumph) and they were five seconds clear of the five-rider battle for seventh which was now headed by McCoy. Hickman retired for the second successive race with Jordan regrouping in tenth.

Todd and Cooper continued to battle at the front as they kept just out of reach of Browne and Dunlop and the Ducati rider’s lead was 0.4s at half race distance although there was still only 1.6s covering the top four. Cummins was continuing to hold off Neve for fifth.

Lap four and Cooper was back in the lead only for Todd to reclaim first place at the Mather’s Cross chicane and it now looked like they’d broken the challenges of both Browne and Dunlop, the latter two now a second adrift with Dunlop taking third at the start of lap five.

Cooper and Todd continued to exchange the lead over the final two laps as Browne and Dunlop tried their utmost to get back with them over the closing nine miles. A good run through Station allowed Todd to get back into the lead but Cooper was back in front at Mather’s, the same spot seeing Dunlop reclaim third.

Todd led again at the Metropole and strong along the coast road once more, he got the verdict from Cooper by 0.462s with Dunlop just three tenths of a second further back in third once more. Browne missed the podium in fourth with Cummins taking fifth and with Neve retiring at the end of lap five, Jordan came through for sixth ahead of Michael Evans, Jeremy McWilliams, Ian Hutchinson and Michael Sweeney.

2024 North West 200 | Supersport | Race 2
1Davey ToddPowertoolmate DucatiDucati Panigale V2WIN
2Richard CooperBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R60.462
3Michael DunlopMD RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS0.761
4Mike BrowneBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R62.653
4Conor CumminsMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR35.325
5Paul JordanJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR600RR35.479
7Michael EvansSmith RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS48.724
8Jeremy McWilliamsJMcC Roofing RacingYamaha R650.554
9Ian HutchinsonMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR59.257
10Michael SweeneyEM BuildingYamaha R659.462
11Marcus SimpsonJPS RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS59.620
12Christian ElkinDynoCentre NIYamaha R61:00.410
13Mark ConlinNRG-moto.comDucati Panigale V21:23.439
14Dom HerbertsonBurrows by RK RacingYamaha R61:23.491
15Allann VenterTH RacingHonda CBR600RR1:40.352
16Barry FurberClem Davies RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1:44.441
17Emmet O'GradyAKR Thomas Bourne RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:54.791
18Josh CornerParker TransportYamaha R61:56.598
19Sam Johnson2:03.729
20Don Gilbert2:04.041
21Paul WilliamsGolden Site SolutionsTriumph Street Triple 765 RS2:05.903
22Michael GahanNewline Elite RacingYamaha R62:05.192
23Mauro PonciniDelmo RacingYamaha R61:08.432
24Jacque FoleyJF76 TPS RacingYamaha R62:12.732
25Daniel InghamCastings TechnologyYamaha R62:16.262
26Lancelot UnnisartVillage Motos NantesHonda CBR600RR2:34.811
27Wayne BourgeaisBasomba RacingYamaha R62:45.495
28Toby ShannShann RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS2:51.316
29Yann GalliRoad's WarriorHonda CBR600RR2:52.561
30Craig KennellyResidio RacingDucati Panigale V22:52.919
31Adrian HarrisonBrooke Built RacingYamaha R62:54.548
32Gerald Dath-Honda CBR600RR3:13.664
33Darragh TrappeSTS Racing by MSSKawasaki ZX-6R3:27.863
34Rad HughesRAF MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R3:36.929
35Dennis Booth-Yamaha R63:37.893
36Julien CregniotCregniot Road RacingKawasaki ZX-6R3:43.268
37Stephen Degnan-Kawasaki ZX-6R4:28.832

Race 1

Richard Cooper took his first victory of the 2024 North West 200 in the opening Supersport race, ahead of Peter Hickman and Michael Rutter.

Cooper would make the race an exhibition for himself and the #47 BPE by Russell Racing Yamaha R6, controlling a significant lead he held from the opening lap to take his fifth NW200 win.


Cooper inherited that lead when Davey Todd, who made the holeshot convincingly on the Powertoolmate Ducati Panigale V2, was taken out at York Corner in a multi-rider incident.

Although there was no real battle for the lead, the fight for second place was decided on the last lap.

It was Triumph versus Triumph, with Michael Dunlop’s MD Racing machine against Peter Hickman’s PHR Performance bike. Dunlop led the battle most of the way, but Hickman passed him at the Metropole on the last lap, and covered off any potential response at the Juniper Chicane.

Behind the podium battle, Mike Browne secured fourth place, ahead of Paul Jordan, Conor Cummins, Michael Evans, Jeremy McWilliams, Gary McCoy, and Craig Neve.

2024 North West 200 | Supersport | Practice 2
1Richard CooperBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R6WIN
2Peter HickmanTrooper Triumph by PHRTriumph Street Triple 765 RS6.537
3Michael DunlopMD RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS6.894
4Mike BrowneBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R625.240
5Paul JordanJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR600RR26.303
6Conor CumminsMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR26.610
7Michael EvansSmith RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS27.479
8Jeremy McWilliamsJMcC Roofing RacingYamaha R629.254
9Gary McCoyMadBros RacingSuzuki GSX-R75029.544
10Craig NeveBathams RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS30.061
11Kevin KeyesDaracore RacingYamaha R651.298
12Christian ElkinDynoCentre NIYamaha R651.582
13Dom HerbertsonBurrows by RK RacingYamaha R659.391
14Ian HutchinsonMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR1:02.690
15Barry FurberClem Davies RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1:03.012
16Marcus SimpsonJPS RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:06.688
17Emmet O'GradyAKR Thomas Bourne RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:13.876
18Phil StewartPhil Stewart RacingYamaha R61:14.625
19Brian McCormackGlobal Robots by PHRTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:16.601
20Jacque FoleyJF76 TPS RacingYamaha R61:19.799
21Allann VenterTH RacingHonda CBR600RR1:23.436
22Daniel InghamCastings TechnologyYamaha R61:23.824
23Toby ShannShann RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:24.588
24Mauro PonciniDelmo RacingYamaha R61:24.879
25Jonathan GoetschyOptimark Road RacingYamaha R61:26.001
26Gareth ArnoldCowton RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1:27.629
27Aaron SpenceWG RacingYamaha R61:28.413
28Sam Johnson1:29.729
29Michael GahanNewline Elite RacingYamaha R61:35.474
30Paul WilliamsGolden Site SolutionsTriumph Street Triple 765 RS1:39.515
31Daniel ForbesFB RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501:43.217
32Josh CornerParker TransportYamaha R61:47.756
33Wayne BourgeaisBasomba RacingYamaha R61:56.203
34Graham McAleeseMPRYamaha R61:56.677
35Adrian HarrisonBrooke Built RacingYamaha R61:57.924
36Yann GalliRoad's WarriorHonda CBR600RR2:00.248
37Craig KennellyResidio RacingDucati Panigale V22:01.815
38Gerald Dath-Honda CBR600RR2:10.373
39Dennis Booth-Yamaha R62:20.822
40Darragh TrappeSTS Racing by MSSKawasaki ZX-6R2:23.142
41Sean McTaggartSDM RacingYamaha R62:23.369
42Rad HughesRAF MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R2:57.907
43Stephen Degnan-Kawasaki ZX-6R3:16.483

Practice 2

Richard Cooper, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images.

Richard Cooper was fastest yet again in the second Supesport practice at the North West 200, which was disrupted and shortened by a red flag.

Davey Todd was second again on the Powertoolmate Ducati, ahead of Mike Browne in third on the second of the Russell Racing Yamahas. Michael Dunlop was fourth on his own Triumph Street Triple 765 RS, ahead of Adam McLean in fifth, Paul Jordan sixth, Michael Sweeney seventh, Conor Cummins eighth, Christian Elkin ninth, and Ian Hutchinson in 10th place.

A few big names had their sessions hampered by the red flag: Peter Hickman was 42nd, Jeremy McWilliams 46th, and Dom Herbertson was 56th.

Full Supersport Practice 2 results from the North West 200 are below.

2024 North West 200 | Supersport | Practice 2
1Richard CooperBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R64:33.627
2Davey ToddPowertoolmate DucatiDucati Panigale V24:34.304
3Mike BrowneBPE by Russell RacingYamaha R64:37.104
4Michael DunlopMD RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:37.277
5Adam McLeanJMcC Roofing RacingKawasaki ZX-6R4:39.101
6Paul JordanJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR600RR4:40.137
7Michael SweeneyEM BuildingYamaha R64:43.593
8Conor CumminsMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR4:43.739
9Christian ElkinDynoCentre NIYamaha R64:43.988
10Ian HutchinsonMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR600RR4:46.114
11Gary McCoyMadBros RacingSuzuki GSX-R7504:46.520
12Craig NeveBathams RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:46.731
13Marcus SimpsonJPS RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:47.780
14Mark ConlinNRG-moto.comDucati Panigale V24:49.936
15Emmet O'GradyAKR Thomas Bourne RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:50.098
16Kevin KeyesDaracore RacingYamaha R64:51.632
17Brian McCormackGlobal Robots by PHRTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:51.810
18Jonathan GoetschyOptimark Road RacingYamaha R64:52.289
19Barry FurberClem Davies RacingKawasaki ZX-6R4:52.505
20Michael EvansSmith RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:52.626
21Eoin O'SiochruRoadhouse Macau RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:54.127
22Mauro PonciniDelmo RacingYamaha R64:56.206
23Phil StewartPhil Stewart RacingYamaha R64:56.347
24Jacque FoleyJF76 TPS RacingYamaha R64:57.217
25Toby ShannShann RacingTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:58.120
26Neil KernohanKernohan RacingYamaha R64:58.226
27Paul WilliamsGolden Site SolutionsTriumph Street Triple 765 RS4:58.345
28Sam Johnson4:58.379
29Josh CornerParker TransportYamaha R64:58.920
30Allann VenterTH RacingHonda CBR600RR4:59.090
31Michael GahanNewline Elite RacingYamaha R64:59.164
32Julian TrummerJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR600RR4:59.411
33Aaron SpenceWG RacingYamaha R64:59.620
34Daniel InghamCastings TechnologyYamaha R64:59.776
35Gareth ArnoldCowton RacingKawasaki ZX-6R5:00.198
36Ryan WhitehallWR RacingYamaha R65:02.099
37Julien CregniotCregniot Road RacingKawasaki ZX-6R5:02.203
38Wayne BourgeaisBasomba RacingYamaha R65:03.311
39Craig KennellyResidio RacingDucati Panigale V25:03.789
41Lancelot UnnisartVillage Motos NantesHonda CBR600RR5:03.953
42Peter HickmanTrooper Triumph by PHRTriumph Street Triple 765 RS5:04.820
43Daniel ForbesFB RacingSuzuki GSX-R7505:06.020
44Graham McAleeseMPRYamaha R65:06.265
45Yann GalliRoad's WarriorHonda CBR600RR5:06.965
46Jeremy McWilliamsJMcC Roofing RacingYamaha R65:07.682
47Gerald Dath-Honda CBR600RR5:07.879
48Dennis Booth-Yamaha R65:08.867
49Adrian HarrisonBrooke Built RacingYamaha R65:10.775
50Darragh TrappeSTS Racing by MSSKawasaki ZX-6R5:12.548
51Sean McTaggartSDM RacingYamaha R65:14.753
52Stephen Degnan-Kawasaki ZX-6R5:18.097
53Andy SellarsASM Road RacingYamaha R65:25.408
54Mark JohnsonMJ RacingYamaha R65:28.900
55Leon DonaghyR Lancaster & Son Wrea GreenTriumph Street Triple 765 RS5:29.436
56Dom HerbertsonBurrows by RK RacingYamaha R66:05.503
57Rad HughesRAF MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R12:35.705

Practice 1

Richard Cooper, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images

Richard Cooper topped the first session of the weekend ahead of Davey Todd by just under a second.

Todd was also second-fastest in the opening Superbike practice, and once again it was Michael Dunlop behind him in third place, albeit five seconds off Cooper's pace.

Mike Browne was fourth, ahead of Peter Hickman, Paul Jordan, Adam McLean, Michael Evans, Conor Cummins, and Michael Sweeney who completed the top 10.

Full North West 200 results from Supersport Practice 1 are below.

2024 North West 200 | Supersport | Practice 1
1Richard Cooper4:34.202
2Davey Todd4:35.017
3Michael Dunlop4:39.612
4Mike Browne4:40.336
5Peter Hickman4:41.033
6Paul Jordan4:42.347
7Adam McLean4:43.241
8Michael Evans4:45.157
9Conor Cummins4:46.427
10Michael Sweeney4:46.987
11Ian Hutchinson4:47.213
12Craig Neve4:47.316
13Dom Herbertson4:47.844
14Jeremy McWilliams4:48.048
15Christian Elkin4:48.850
16Gary McCoy4:50.178
17Brian McCormack4:51.711
18Mark Conlin4:53.733
19Jonathan Goetschy4:57.174
20Jacque Foley4:58.005
21Julian Trummer4:58.730
22Emmet O'Grady4:59.090
23Marcus Simpson4:59.706
24Eoin O'Siochru5:00.096
25Allann Venter5:00.178
26Mauro Poncini5:00.356
27Toby Shann5:00.414
28Paul Williams5:00.851
29Josh Corner5:01.492
30Barry Furber5:02.451
31Ryan Whitehall5:02.552
32Aaron Spence5:03.034
33Neil Kernohan5:04.200
34Wayne Bourgeais5:06.939
35Daniel Ingham5:07.153
36Julien Cregniot5:07.543
37Michael Gahan5:07.575
38Yann Galli5:08.752
39Gerald Dath5:09.716
40Lancelot Unnisart5:09.809
41Daniel Forbes5:11.685
42Craig Kennelly5:12.264
43Adrian Harrison5:12.550
44Graham McAleese5:12.915
45Dennis Booth5:14.861
46Darragh Trappe5:15.273
47Sean McTaggart5:15.748
48Rad Hughes5:17.324
49Gareth Arnold5:21.668
50Stephen Degnan5:26.619
51Leon Donaghy5:32.067
52Andy Sellars5:33.104
53Kevin Keyes6:31.144

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