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2024 North West 200, Superstock: Todd Sweeps Superstock With Race 2 Win

Impact Images

Superstock Practice at the 2024 North West 200 was dominated by Davey Todd, who was fastest in both sessions.

Race 2

Davey Todd made it a hat-trick at the North West 200 on Saturday afternoon with the Milwaukee BMW rider leading the re-run Superstock race from start to finish as Peter Hickman (PHR Performance BMW) and John McGuinness (Honda Racing) joined him on the podium, the latter finishing on the rostrum for the first time since 2012.

Todd got the launch off the line on the initial start with Dean Harrison slotting into second and the Honda man took the lead at University with James Hillier (WTF Racing Honda) and Hickman close behind in third and fourth, McGuinness running in fifth.

John McGuinness, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images.

Todd reclaimed the lead shortly afterwards, Hickman taking third from Hillier at the Mather’s Cross chicane but as they came along the coast road for the first time, the red flag came out.

Re-run over the full six laps – without Michael Dunlop who failed to complete the sighting lap – Todd again got the jump over the rest of the field with the lead group comprising him, Hickman, Harrison and Hillier. McGuinness was in fifth ahead of Ian Hutchinson, Mike Browne, Paul Jordan, Erno Kostamo and Dominic Herbertson.

Second time around and Todd led Harrison by half a second with Hickman a further three tenths of a second back, but Hillier had now dropped away, three seconds adrift of Hickman but two seconds clear of McGuinness. Further back, Hutchinson, Jordan and Kostamo were disputing sixth.

Todd again extended his lead from Station to University and his lead at the end of the third lap, half race distance, had crept up to 0.8s with Harrison and Hickman four tenths apart. Further back, McGuinness had closed on to the back wheel of Hillier with Kostamo having moved from sixth to eighth. Jordan had also overhauled Hutchinson, but Browne retired at the pits.

Lap four and McGuinness took fourth from Hillier whilst at the front Todd added another two tenths of a second to his lead despite Hickman setting the fastest lap of the race. Kostamo was still sixth, but Jordan had slipped back to ninth after being overtaken by both Hutchinson and Herbertson.

Leading from the front, Todd had everything under control and duly completed a Superstock double, but Harrison went out on the penultimate lap which not only promoted Hickman to second but also put McGuinness on the podium in third.

Hillier, who’d got back up to third on the final lap, had to settle for fourth after he and McGuinness caught a slower rider towards the finish and with Kostamo coming through for a fine fifth, continuing his strong week, it was Jordan, Herbertson, Craig Neve, Frenchman Amalric Blanc and Sam West who completed the top ten.

Race 1

Davey Todd took his first victory of the 2024 North West 200 in the opening Superstock race, out-pacing Dean Harrison to do so.

Todd took the lead from the start, just as he had in the opening Superbike race and opening Supersport race, but this time held on to it until the chequered flag.


Harrison was able to go with Todd for most of the race, but a lap record from the BMW rider on the penultimate lap seemed to secure it for the #74. A run-on at the Mather’s Chicane on the final lap for Harrison sealed the deal for Todd.

Harrison hung on for second place after his final lap mistake, ahead of Michael Dunlop in third place.

James Hillier fought for the final two laps with John McGuinness for third place, and ultimately came out on top in that battle, McGuinness finishing fifth. Erno Kostamo took sixth place, ahead of Mike Browne in seventh, Ian Hutchinson eighth, Sam West ninth, and Craig Neve who rounded out the top 10.

Full North West 200 results from Superstock Race 1 are below.

2024 North West 200 | Superstock | Race 1
1Davey ToddMilwaukee BMW MotorradBMW M1000 RRWIN
2Dean HarrisonHonda Racing UKHonda CBR1000RR-R6.971
3Michael DunlopMD RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R8.848
4James HillierWTF RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R25.389
5John McGuinnessHonda Racing UKHonda CBR1000RR-R25.605
6Erno Kostamo38 Motorsport by Penz13BMW M1000 RR33.052
7Mike BrowneIN CompetitionAprilia RSV4 110035.056
8Ian HutchinsonMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR1000RR-R38.092
9Sam WestMoto-Hub.co.ukBMW M1000 RR40.982
10Craig NeveBathams RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R43.642
11Dom HerbertsonBurrows by RK RacingBMW M1000 RR46.845
12Nathan HarrisonHonda Racing UKHonda CBR1000RR-R48.787
13Gary McCoyMadbros RacingBMW M1000 RR56.644
14Michael EvansMichael Evans RacingSuzuki GSX-R100056.972
15Brian McCormackRoadhouse Macau by FHOBMW M1000 RR57.361
16David JohnsonPlatinum Club RacingKawasaki ZX-10RR1:02.559
17Amalric BlancTeam B&M/HMLHonda CBR1000RR-R1:04.263
18Julian TrummerJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR1000RR-R1:08.073
19Eddy FerreOptimark Road RacingBMW M1000 RR1:12.864
20Laurent HoffmannHoffmann by MRPBMW M1000 RR1:16.214
21Ryan WhitehallWR RacingYamaha R11:16.492
22Jonthan GoetschyOptimark Road RacingBMW M1000 RR1:16.936
23Phil StewartPhil Stewart RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R1:18.202
24Kris DuncanKD Racing/NSB ContractsYamaha R11:20.667
25James ChawkeChawkie Racing SCSuzuki GSX-R10001:21.952
26Luca GottardiPenz13 Racing Team by CerinBMW M1000 RR1:30.006
27Neil KernohanKernohan RacingYamaha R11:41.105
28Paul WilliamsLee Williams MotorsportYamaha R11:54.154
29Sean McTaggartSDM RacingBMW M1000 RR1:59.821
30Sam Johnson2:06.723
31Daniel ForbesFB RacingSuzuki GSX-R10002:07.473
32Jean-Pierre PoletRoad's WarriorBMW M1000 RR2:09.674
33Olivier LupbergerTeam by Heidger MotorsportYamaha R12:25.151
34Liam ChawkeChawkie Racing SCSuzuki GSX-R10002:30.024
35Craig KennellyResidio RacingKawasaki ZX-10RR2:36.410
36Paul CranstonP&J Fuel HaulageSuzuki GSX-R10002:36.932

Practice 2

Davey Todd, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images.

After topping the times in the first Superstock practice, Davey Todd repeated the feat on Thursday.

Todd lowered his time to a 4:19.324, which would have put him third in the earlier Superbike practice. Peter Hickman's second-best Superstock time was equally impressive, and at 4:19.578 the PHR Performance rider was the only one to join Todd in going below 4:20 in Superstock.

Michael Dunlop set the third-best time but was four seconds off Todd's pace, while James Hillier was a further 0.9 seconds back in fourth. Paul Jordan was fifth, ahead of Mike Browne, John McGuinness, Erno Kostamo, Adam McLean, and Michael Sweeney who rounded out the top 10.

2024 North West 200 | Superstock | Practice 2
1Davey ToddMilwaukee BMW MotorradBMW M1000 RR4:19.324
2Peter HickmanPHR PerformanceBMW M1000 RR4:19.578
3Michael DunlopMD RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R4:23.444
4James HillierWTF RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R4:24.304
5Paul JordanJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR1000RR-R4:27.241
6Mike BrowneIN CompetitionAprilia RSV4 11004:27.878
7John McGuinnessHonda Racing UKHonda CBR1000RR-R4:28.220
8Erno Kostamo38 Motorsport by Penz13BMW M1000 RR4:30.184
9Adam McLeanJMcC Roofing RacingKawasaki ZX-10RR4:30.421
10Michael SweeneyMJR RacingBMW M1000 RR4:31.071
11Sam WestMoto-Hub.co.ukBMW M1000 RR4:31.852
12Ian HutchinsonMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR1000RR-R4:31.998
13Marcus SimpsonLMR by Jon Cuff ElectricalHonda CBR1000RR-R4:32.404
14Nathan HarrisonHonda Racing UKHonda CBR1000RR-R4:32.902
15Craig NeveBathams RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R4:33.241
16Dom HerbertsonBurrows by RK RacingBMW M1000 RR4:33.537
17Amalric BlancTeam B&M/HMLHonda CBR1000RR-R4:35.315
18Gary McCoyMadbros RacingBMW M1000 RR4:35.985
19Brian McCormackRoadhouse Macau by FHOBMW M1000 RR4:36.742
20Conor CumminsMilenco by Padgett's MotorcyclesHonda CBR1000RR-R4:48.034
21Eddy FerreOptimark Road RacingBMW M1000 RR4:38.036
22Emmet O'GradyTAG RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R4:34.072
23Luca GottardiPenz13 Racing Team by CerinBMW M1000 RR4:38.721
24Julian TrummerJackson Racing by Prosper^2Honda CBR1000RR-R4:39.042
25Ryan WhitehallWR RacingYamaha R14:39.659
26Ryan GibsonFirewood SuppliesBMW M1000 RR4:39.723
27Jonthan GoetschyOptimark Road RacingBMW M1000 RR4:40.408
28Laurent HoffmannHoffmann by MRPBMW M1000 RR4:41.084
29James ChawkeChawkie Racing SCSuzuki GSX-R10004:41.283
30Kris DuncanKD Racing/NSB ContractsYamaha R14:43.710
31Phil StewartPhil Stewart RacingHonda CBR1000RR-R4:43.984
32Marty LennonML DesignsYamaha R14:45.101
33Martin Morris-Honda CBR1000RR-R4:45.860
34Neil KernohanKernohan RacingYamaha R14:48.310
35Paul WilliamsLee Williams MotorsportYamaha R14:49.785
36Paul Cassidy-Yamaha R14:50.935
37Sam Johnson4:51.423
38Liam ChawkeChawkie Racing SCSuzuki GSX-R10004:52.732
39Sean McTaggartSDM RacingBMW M1000 RR4:53.300
40Craig KennellyResidio RacingKawasaki ZX-10RR4:53.724
41Jean-Pierre PoletRoad's WarriorBMW M1000 RR4:55.541
42Daniel ForbesFB RacingSuzuki GSX-R10004:57.935
43Donald MacFadyenMacFadyen RacingYamaha R15:00.786
44Paul CranstonP&J Fuel HaulageSuzuki GSX-R10005:02.217
45Brad ClarkePowerslide Racing SuzukiSuzuki GSX-R10005:03.085
46Stephen Degnan-Kawasaki ZX-10RR5:11.418
47David JohnsonPlatinum Club RacingKawasaki ZX-10RR6:04.213

Practice 1

Michael Dunlop, 2024 North West 200. Credit: Impact Images

Davey Todd ended a strong first day of the 2024 North West 200 for himself by finishing the first Superstock session as the fastest rider.

Todd had already been second-fastest in both the Supersport and Superbike practices, but this time got the better of Dean Harrison by just over half-a-second.

Michael Dunlop was once again third-fastest, ahead of Peter Hickman, John McGuinness, James Hillier, Adam McLean, Michael Sweeney, Dom Herbertson, and Conor Cummins who completed the top 10.

2024 North West 200 | Superstock | Practice 1
1Davey Todd4:20.942
2Dean Harrison4:21.525
3Michael Dunlop4:23.788
4Peter Hickman4:24.951
5John McGuinness4:25.959
6James Hillier4:27.576
7Adam McLean4:30.252
8Michael Sweeney4:30.879
9Dom Herbertson4:31.454
10Conor Cummins4:31.917
11Ian Hutchinson4:32.689
12Michael Evans4:32.833
13Paul Jordan4:33.147
14Sam West4:33.640
15Erno Kostamo4:33.716
16Mike Browne4:33.979
17Craig Neve4:36.033
18Nathan Harrison4:36.501
19Ryan Gibson4:37.550
20Brian McCormack4:38.085
21Marcus Simpson4:39.291
22Gary McCoy4:40.375
23Amalric Blanc4:41.143
24Julian Trummer4:42.096
25Emmet O'Grady4:42.453
26Ryan Whitehall4:42.689
27Eddy Ferre4:43.093
28David Johnson4:45.093
29James Chawke4:45.727
30Lukas Maurer4:47.419
31Phil Stewart4:48.311
32Laurent Hoffmann4:48.692
33Anthony Redmond4:48.795
34Jonthan Goetschy4:48.813
35Kris Duncan4:49.074
36Marty Lennon4:49.883
37Luca Gottardi4:49.886
38Paul Williams4:53.590
39Neil Kernohan4:56.523
40Olivier Lupberger4:58.530
41Sean McTaggart4:59.467
42Paul Cranston4:59.844
43Liam Chawke5:00.502
44Jean-Pierre Polet5:02.598
45Paul Cassidy5:03.520
46Donald Macfadyen5:04.903
47Dennis Booth5:06.370
48Daniel Forbes5:07.283
49Craig Kennelly5:12.838
50Brad Clarke5:19.659

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