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Every Isle of Man TT Race Winner | Where do Dunlop, Hickman & the Birchalls rank now?

Tim Keeton/Impact Images
Michael Dunlop, Peter Hickman, 2023 TT, Isle of Man TT, portrait [credit - Tim Keeton/Impact Images]

The Isle of Man TT is over for another year with ten winners’ trophies handed out from the most comprehensive race week programme the event has scheduled… and, most shocking of all, the weather was fantastic throughout.

The decision to double up all five classes meant there were ten chances for the riders to challenge for victory, attempt new personal bests of the 37.7-mile Mountain Course and/or simply take on one of sport’s most fearsome challenges.

Alas, the death of Raul Torras Martinez casts a shadow over the event but it was notable how the steps made to improve safety in the wake of last year’s multiple tragedies had a positive effect.


Better still, we almost saw history being made with Michael Dunlop leapfrogging John McGuinness on the all-time winners’ list with his four wins. It ranks him second, just one win behind Joey Dunlop, whose 23-year record remains safe for at least one more year.

Elsewhere, four wins for Peter Hickman lifts him into the overall top ten too, the Louth rider sitting ninth with 13 victories to his name, while the Birchalls - Ben and Tom - have the honour of tying with the legendary Mike Hailwood with 14 wins in sixth.

Since the TT’s inauguration, 283 different have scored at least one victory on The Mountain… to those podium-topping stars and every other rider that has ever taken on the TT, we salute you!

> 2023 Isle of Man TT Results - SBK, SSP, SSTK, STwins, Sidecar

ISLE OF MAN TT - Total overall race winners

Isle of Man TT Winners - Every Winner at the TT
#RiderNo. of TT wins
1Joey Dunlop26
2Michael Dunlop25
3John McGuinness23
4Dave Molyneux17
5Ian Hutchinson16
6=Ben Birchall14
6=Tom Birchall14
6=Mike Hailwood14
9Peter Hickman13
10=Bruce Anstey12
10=Ian Lougher12
12=Steve Hislop11
12=Phillip McCallen10
14=Giacomo Agostini10
14=Rob Fisher10
14=Stanley Woods10
17=Mick Boddice9
17=David Jeffries9
17=Siegfried Schauzu9
20=Rick Long8
20=Jim Moodie8
20=Chas Mortimer8
20=Phil Read8
20=Dan Sayle8
20=Charlie Williams8
26=Mick Grant7
26=Wolfgang Kalauch7
26=Michael Rutter7
26=Tony Rutter7
30=chas Birks6
30=Geoff Duke6
30=Jimmy Guthrie6
30=Jim Redman6
30=John Surtees6
30=Carlo ubbiali6
36=Alec Bennett5
36=Nick Crowe5
36=Robert Dunlop5
36=Brian Reid5
40=Klaus Enders4
40=Freddie Frith4
40=Wal Handley4
40=Trevor Ireson4
40=Benga Johannson4
40=Dave Lwach4
40=Chris Palmer4
40=Ray Pickrell4
40=Tarquinio Provini4
40=Horst Schneider4
40=Barry Smith4
40=Bill Smith4
40=Jock Taylor4
40=John G Williams4
54=Ray Amm3
54=Adrian Archibald3
54=Graeme Crosby3
54=Harold Daniell3
54=Max Deubel3
54=Ralf Engelhardt3
54=Ryan Farquhar3
54=Patrick Farrance3
54=Carl Fogarty3
54=Alex George3
54=Dean Harrison3
54=Tom Herron3
54=Darren Hope3
54=Emil Horner3
54=Alan Jackson3
54=Tony Jeffries3
54=Geoff Johnson3
54=Klaus Klaffenbock3
54=Rob McElnea3
54=Bob McIntyre3
54=Phil Mellor3
54=Dave Morris3
54=Clive Pollington3
54=Walter Schneider3
54=Ian Simpson3
54=Rolf Steinhausen3
54=Hans Strauss3
54=Luigi Taveri3
54=Barry Woodland3
83=Fergus Anderson2
83=Hugh Anderson2
83=Manliff Barrington2
83=Artie Bell2
83=Geoff Bell2
83=Lowry Burton2
83=Kel Carruthers2
83=Bernard Codd2
83=Charlie Collier2
83=Keith Cornbill2
83=Mark Cox2
83=Steve Cull2
83=Pat Cushnahan2
83=Howard Davies2
83=Freddie Dixon2
83=Charlie Dodson2
83=Cameron Donald2
83=Iain Duffus2
83=Karl Ellison2
83=Bob Foster2
83=Dick Greasley2
83=Manfred Grunwalk2
83=Hermann Hahn2
83=Craig Hallam2
83=Shaun Harris2
83=John Hartle2
83=Peter Hill2
83=Fritz Hillebrand2
83=Marc Hobson2
83=Gary Hocking2
83=John Holden2
83=Josef Huber2
83=Tim Hunt2
83=Boyd Hutchinson2
83=Bill Ivy2
83=Gary Johnson2
83=Alistair King2
83=Con Law2
83=Eddie Laycock2
83=Ivan Lintin2
83=Bill Lomas2
83=Graeme McGregor2
83=Trevor Nation2
83=Gary Padgett 2
83=Steve Plater2
83=Jack Porter2
83=Nick Roche2
83=Cecil Sandford2
83=Dave Saville2
83=Thomas Mylchreest Sheard2
83=Eddie Twemlow2
83=Malcolm Uphill2
83=Dave Wells2
83=Don Williams2
83=Eric Williams2
83=Andy Winkle2
83=Mike Wynn2
140=Steve Abbott1
140=Dario Ambrosini1
140=Frank A Applebee1
140=Ivor Arber1
140=Reg Armstrong1
140=Kenny Arthur1
140=Stewart Atkinson1
140=Georg Auerbacher1
140=Mike Aylott1
140=Mark Baldwin1
140=Rob Barber1
140=Harry Bashall1
140=Ian Bell1
140=Phillip Biggs1
140=Eric Bliss1
140=Dieter Braun1
140=Eric Briggs1
140=Norman Brown1
140=Ralph Bryans1
140=Jimmy Buchan1
140=Trovor Burgess1
140=Rober Burnett1
140=Mick Burns1
140=Florian Camathias1
140=Maurice Cann1
140=Neil Carpenter1
140=Phil Carpenter1
140=Phil Carter1
140=Harold Clark1
140=Rod Coleman1
140=Harry Collier1
140=Stuart Collins1
140=Syd Crabtree1
140=Dave Croxford1
140=Jack Daniels1
140=Leo Davenport1
140=Geoff Davison1
140=Tommy De La Hay1
140=Ernst Degner1
140=Walter Denny1
140=George Douglass1
140=Eddie Dow1
140=Percy Evans1
140=Halmut Fath1
140=Jack Findlay1
140=John Flaxman1
140=Frank Fletcher1
140=Rem Fowler1
140=John Gibbard1
140=Sid Gleave1
140=Oliver Godfrey1
140=Les Graham1
140=Stuart Graham1
140=Werner Haas1
140=Dave Hallam1
140=Roy Hanks1
140=Colin Hardman1
140=Bernard Hargreaves1
140=Conrad Harrison1
140=Ron Haslam1
140=Ronnie Hazlehurst1
140=Chris Heath1
140=Alfred Herzig1
140=Freddie Hicks1
140=James Hilier1
140=Robert Holden1
140=Rupert Hollaus1
140=K.J. Horstman1
140=Clive Horton1
140=Eric Houseley1
140=Denis Ireland1
140=Mitsui Itoh1
140=Brian Jackson1
140=Nick Jeffries1
140=Doug Hewell1
140=Lee Johnston1
140=Paddy Johnston1
140=Ken Kavanagh1
140=Bob Keeler1
140=Neil T Kelly1
140=John Kidson1
140=Ewald Kluge1
140=Ray Knight1
140=Dennis Lashmar1
140=Monty Lockwood1
140=Frank Longman1
140=Heinz Luthringshauser1
140=Jack Marshall1
140=Keith Martin1
140=Hugh Mason1
140=Cromie McCandless1
140=Boll McVeigh1
140=Georg Meier1
140=Ted Mellors1
140=Mark Miller1
140=Derek Minter1
140=Brian Morrison1
140=Less Nutt1
140=George O'Dell1
140=Eric Oliver1
140=Mat Oxley1
140=Phil Palmer1
140=Len Parker1
140=Denis Parkinson1
140=Graham Penny1
140=Alex Phillip1
140=Derek Powell1
140=Cyril Pullin1
140=Brian Purslow1
140=Richard Quayle1
140=Johnny Rea1
140=Herry Reed1
140=Tim Reeves1
140=Brett Richmond1
140=Tommy Robb1
140=John Robinson1
140=Mike Rogers1
140=Nigel Rollason1
140=Dave Roper1
140=Gordon Russell1
140=Fritz Scheidegger1
140=Martin Sharpe1
140=Dave Simmonds1
140=Bill Simpson1
140=Jimmie Simpson1
140=Shaun Smith1
140=Tyrell Smith1
140=Cyril Taft1
140=Omobono Tenni1
140=Steve Tonkin1
140=George Tucker1
140=Kenneth Twemlow1
140=Chris Vincent1
140=Terry Vinicombe1
140=Graham Walker1
140=Frank Whitewat1
140=Donny Williams1
140=Cyril Williams1
140=Paul Williams1
140=Peter Williams1
140=Alfred Wohlgemuth1
140=Tim Wood1
140=Tommy Wood1
140=Stan Woods1

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