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Shoesmith appeals for Macau help from hospital bed

Ice Valley Racing team boss Paul Shoesmith has appealed for help to get his squad's Macau GP plans back on track after he suffered multiple broken bones in a crash at the Frohburg races in Germany.

Shoesmith suffered a broken back - L2 and L3vVertebrae - and broken pelvis in the incident and is currently still in a German hospital. He has already secured Simon Andrews for the November road race and has managed to wheel in Branko Srdanov as a replacement for himself, but is struggling for funds.

"The Macau GP effort takes some putting together and a fairly large expense to do properly. It is a big event and in my eyes it needs to be done properly without cutting corners," said Shoesmith from his hospital bed.


"I have been in a lucky situation whereby my own business has always footed the lion's share of the costs of the racing and the harder I work the better the race team is and that’s how it works with me.

"Obviously I am devastated I cannot compete in this year's race and think that this was probably my last chance at it but never the less I am happy with my team as it stands with Simon and Branko.

"My problems lye with my injury, Motorsave Trade (my business and main sponsor) is a one man band and if I’m not working there is no money. In fact there are still the outgoings just keeping the doors shut.

"It's not the kind of business where I can sit behind a desk pointing at people, I am active all the time traveling to auctions and usually working 8 till 8, 7 days, this is just they way I do it so I know we can go racing.

"Doctors have told me I will be out for eight weeks, I have to improve on that because Macau is in six weeks, nevertheless I will require the help of my usual sponsors and seek new sponsors to source the necessary funds to help the team achieve this."

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