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TT 2022: Rookie Irwin kicks off with 122.616mph lap

TT 2022 rookie Glenn Irwin kicked off his practice week tonight with a 122.616mph lap on the factory Honda Fireblade.

It was only Irwin second lap on the Superbike after he took part in the earlier newcomers’ lap and also building up his lap speed from a first lap of 111mph through to his best 121.535mph on lap five on the Superstock.

As a rookie, he was also allowed out in the Supersport and Supertwin session on the Superbike which culminated in his fastest


“First impressions – it’s absolutely mental. For now, I’m just learning the course but I’m really happy with the homework I’ve done on this, it’s really helped,” said Irwin.

“I know where I’m going, but what I need to understand is how these guys take some of these big corners flat out. But all that will come with time, for now I’m concentrating on hitting my markers.

“I’m not paying any attention to the lap times, but ninth, that’s alright isn’t it!? I came in after that first newcomers lap saying I didn’t like the sections under the trees, I still feel that way, it’s easy to be drawn into the hedges, because the straights aren’t straight and then there’s the strobe effect, I’ve never raced under so many trees.

“So I’ve put in the maximum laps I could and I’ve learned lots by following the guys as they’ve come past. I think my favourite corner so far would be Cronk ny Mona (the left after Hillberry) – they say never go over the white line or you might crash, so I don’t go over it, but I enjoy really sitting on it!

So I’ve had lots of fun today. The Superbike felt good and the Superstock I felt very comfortable on, so I think we can improve it a lot over the week.”

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