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TT 2017: Hillier ‘ready to race’ despite limited practice

Despite a lack of track time during practice week at the 2017 Isle of Man TT, James Hillier is perhaps in a better position than most given he's with the same team, manufacturer and tyre brand that he was in 2016.

Although he hasn't had many laps, and never shows his hand during practice week, he feels he's not far away from where he needs to be at this stage of proceedings.

"Considering the situation we've found ourselves in, we're not in a terrible position and we've been able to test the things we've wanted to test in the laps I've had. I know where I want to be and there's going to be riders in a far worse position than me,” Hillier told bikesportnews.com.


"I do need a few more laps on the big bike though if only to make a few more tweaks. I'm probably ready to race now but would like a couple more laps - which hopefully we'll get these next two days - just to get settled in that bit more. It takes time to get the brain up to full speed around this place as you're going so fast for such long periods of time and it's totally different to anywhere else we go."

The Hampshire rider has never been one for setting blistering lap speeds during race week and he readily admits, practice is exactly that and it's all about making sure he's ready come race day.

"Hutchy and Michael perhaps want to be fastest and be at the top of the leaderboard but it doesn't bother me. I just do things my own way during practice as there's no prizes for being fastest. I haven't had a clear lap yet so know there's plenty more to come but I feel good on the bike and am as prepared as I've ever been.

"It's a busy schedule between now and Tuesday and although it's nice to have a day off, you can equally get bogged down and start thinking about things too much. With the practice and racing happening in quick succession, you'll be completely in the zone and able to focus on the job in hand."

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