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Donington WorldSBK: Gerloff squashes MotoGP switch rumours

Garrett Gerloff had a last minute MotoGP experience replacing Franco Morbidelli at Assen shortly before he headed to Donington for the ‘day job’ in WorldSBK with the GRT Yamaha team.

With rumours of a Gerloff move to MotoGP swirling around since and Toprak Razgatlioglu certain to stay in the official Pata Yamaha with BRIXX racing team for two more years (although not quite official at that stage) the questions for Gerloff were many on Thursday at Donington.

Looking back at the ride in MotoGP what did Gerloff think about it, now he had a chance to process the experience. “I definitely still look back on it as a good experience, and an awesome opportunity that the Petronas Yamaha SRT team gave me,” said Gerloff. “It was bit difficult having to do it so last minute and having everything thrown at me at once, but I still wouldn’t change it. It was really nice and I learned a lot in general. This gives me motivation to keep going.”


What about possibilities for the future, and even this year?

“At the moment there has been no talk about anything,” he stated. “They gave me big thanks for the weekend and everything and for replacing Frankie at such a last moment but at the moment there has been no talk. For sure being back here at Donington in WorldSBK that is my main focus right now and to do the best I can for the GRT team and for Yamaha here.”

What about moving to MotoGP next year if you get the chance? Would you prefer that? Do you think you would need to go sooner rather than later, given the age you are? Or would you rather do something really significant here and then go?

“I mean, those are all good points to weigh. It is one of those things where I do not want to think about it until it is an actual opportunity because otherwise it is kind of for nothing, you know,” said Gerloff.

So at the moment it is not an opportunity, no-one has said ‘we would like you to come; let’s talk?’

“I do not have anything right now,” stated Gerloff. “Like I said, the only thing is GRT at the moment. There are a bunch of pros and cons to weigh, like making any decision, if that was the case. But for sure my goal one day is to be in MotoGP.

“That has been my goal since I was a kid and started racing. That is where I would like to be but you definitely want to make sure it is the right moment and everything. And kind of go from there. But like I said I do not have any opportunity at the moment, and that’s it.”

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