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Honda riders ‘weigh in’ on WorldSBK debate

Honda WorldSBK riders Iker Lecuona and Xavi Vierge are the latest to comment on the weight limit debate circulating in recent months.

While the pair have differing experiences - with the former MotoGP rider heavier than his teammate - they both seem to be in agreement that there are gains and losses on each side.

“About the minimum weight is difficult to say,” Vierge broached cautiously. “Because in our box we have this, Iker is much more heavy than me and for sure he has some negative, but also some positive, also myself. Of course, my bike is much faster on the straight, but then I'm not able to use the rear grip like him. I was always struggling with the grip.


"It's difficult because now for example, if we put the minimum weight I will not have the advantage of the straight but I will continue having the disadvantage of don't using the rear grip so it's not easy to be fair for everybody, let's say.

“In the small categories, I think, like Moto3, the difference is huge but In big categories like MotoGP and Superbikes I think it's really difficult to find the correct compromise.

“Because I think if you move something you will penalised someones or another ones and at least if you are really small, you are not able to change nothing to win weight. If you are big, of course is will be much more tough than another person but you can make different training to try to be as fit as possible. So it's not easy. I can understand both parts. I am not big enough but also not small enough so I think it will not affect myself."

While the pair agree that restrictions are not necessarily the correct way to go, there was one rider that did draw criticism.

“I'm angry about what he say,” Lecuona added. “What Redding do in Instagram, in the social media with Alvaro, with compare, but I think you cannot compare. Is like Xavi say, he win in some areas, I lose in some areas or in the opposite.

“I'm 100 per cent that Redding when he is doing the podium he don't have this comment!

“Or when is rain and he go fast or if he need to fight with Alvaro, he can win, not easier, but he can win because is bigger on the bike. So in general, I don't know, like Xavi say. I'm angry about this comment.”

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