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Phillip Island WorldSBK: 'A podium is possible' - Camier

Red Bull Honda lead rider Leon Camier was all ready to go for the eventual two-part/tyre-change second race at PI, even if he got a bit too eager in the pits on his way to an eventual sixth place, going to the end of pitlane before some other riders who had entered for tyres just before him.

“I made the mistake of coming out a little bit too early and I could not judge the acceleration well enough to get to there. But it is something we can improve for the future. We were just too fast in the pitstop," he told bikesportnews.com.

"I left the box with 24 seconds left to get to the end of pit lane so it was way too fast. No one passed me on the way out as Sykes and those guys were ahead of me coming in. It probably did not make any difference to our final result.”


Sixth, after a Saturday seventh, was a good start for Camier in a team plagued by ill fortune last year. His setup was good in places, not so good in others.

“There were a couple of areas where we were struggling and some others we were really strong in. So it was difficult to get close enough to them in the areas we were strong in to make the pass. I felt I had good pace and rhythm but was struggling to make passes. I would catch and drop.”

One of the things most people did not consider too far in the sudden change on Saturday night to make race two a two-parter. There could be no warm-up or sighting lap to get the tyre scrubbed in and get a feel for it.

“Having a new tyre on the bike two times was quite good fun,” said Camier. “Most people came in a lap before us. To go out with a brand new tyre on the first lap was pretty scary to be honest!

"Turning into the rights with a new tyre, I was waiting for something to happen but luckily I judged it pretty good. It was pretty interesting to do a two part race and I was not against it at all.”

With two races done now on his new bike, the reality is that Camier could make two good races, but there is always room for improvement. “What we are struggling with a little bit right now means that I am on the edge of the tyre a bit more than everyone else,” said Camier.

“We need a little bit more acceleration because if we can stand the bike up and use the power of the bike instead of using the edge of the tyre, especially at this track that makes a lot of difference. I think it was good to be in the fight with the front guys here and I am happy. We have done the first round and learned a lot so it is positive for sure. I think there will be some races we can be competitive fighting towards the podium. I think a podium this year can be possible.”

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