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Bayliss said: "It’s the first time we’ve been here on the 1098 but we started out pretty confident and feel that we have progressed in the right direction during this morning’s practice and then in qualifying this afternoon. There are a few things we want to test tomorrow morning if we have dry weather. I feel pretty good on the bike and am quietly confident so if we can make a few modifications to make my riding a bit more smooth then I’ll be very happy. Everyone is riding well today and the track always makes for close racing, with guys in all the classes going pretty quick. It would be great to have a dry weekend but here you never can tell - we’ll see how we go."
Haga said: "I used the second bike and it felt a bit different but we can make it feel more like my number one bike tomorrow. We need to get the gearing sorted as well, between third and fourth gear. We are nearly there with the overall set-up; we’ll just make some adjustments in the suspension settings. I think we have a choice of one tyre fitment, for the front and the rear, so tomorrow we will check that by doing a long run.”
Corser said: “We are just trying different things, swingarms, shock specs and offsets, to try and get the bike set-up for the real race conditions. I know I can do the lap times in qualifying but we are trying to get the bike ready to do some long runs on the tyres. The track is not offering a lot of grip right now and when the bike slides it slides quite fast. I almost got tangled up in a crash at turn one, just missed the guy’s bike in front when he highsided.”
Fabrizio said: "This morning, just a few moments into the session, I was exiting a curve and just didn’t see a wet patch on the track in time. It was a shame I fell because then I only had the second bike to use for the rest of the session and we had spent less time preparing that machine. This afternoon went a lot better, as I went back to riding the first bike and I’d say we’re going well, although it was a shame we had the two red flags right at the end of the qualifying session, as I think I could have gone faster. Anyway tomorrow we’ll try a few different things but I can say that I am satisfied with my performance today."
Xaus said: "Bad luck. I focused my work mainly on the race set-up and I spent only the last laps to set a fast time. I tried tyres and settings and I’ve found a good set-up as showed by today short long-run. Unfortunately I found Checa on my way when I was running to set a fast time and as well I was slowed down by the red flag during the second attempt. So now I’m temporary out of the Superpole. I feel confident to set a better time tomorrow. I just hope that the weather doesn’t change too much."
Biaggi said: “Today I worked on the set-up for the race, but I’m not totally satisfied although I get some improvements on the end of the session. We need to better the turning for the bike so we are going to work on it tomorrow” My physical conditions have bettered thanks to the therapy and the training, but when I make heavy efforts I feel a bit of pain still."
Kagayama said: "Today was not so bad and I didn’t have any big problems. We started with one of the bikes with the Valencia set-up and one different. But we soon found that the Valencia set-up didn’t work so well, so we concentrated on getting the other one to work at this track. We worked a lot on the electronics, the chassis and improving the rear stability so that the bike is smoother and more comfortable to to ride. Assen is a track where you have to have a smooth bike if you want to go fast, so this is our first goal."

Nieto said: "I’m really happy with how today went. The bike is working well - much better then Valencia - even though the set-up is more or less the same! I found a good rhythm and everything was OK, except when I tried to do some quick laps at the end of qualifying, the red flag came out two times and I wasn’t able to get in a clean lap. I am happy because I did my fastest lap on tyres that had already done thirteen laps. Tomorrow, I hope to do a good Superpole, get a good grid position and challenge for the podium in both races."

said: "This morning I think we went in the wrong direction, but in the afternoon we made the bike a bit stiffer and it was much better. I had a bit of a problem with the bike keeping a good line today, but I think we know what to do tomorrow and hopefully we will make progress. I didn’t have any problems with my shoulder today, so I think it’s going to be OK for the weekend."

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