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WorldSBK Indonesia: 'We need to improve, we need more power' - Razgatlioglu

He may have lost the final chance of keeping his WorldSBK championship crown in race two at Mandalika but Toprak Razgatlioglu was the dominant force all weekend, taking Superpole and all three race wins, plus the new lap record.

He was in a calm mood when spoke about how it went in the final round where the beginnings of a miracle may have happened.

“First, I explain this weekend because also we are very strong starting,” said Razgatlioglu, speaking at the track.


“I always say I needed three wins here, because it is the last chance for me. Phillip Island is difficult. I give everything this weekend, especially in the last race. Also in the hot conditions. I fight a little bit with Alvaro, but I say, I need to win this race. After I pass Alvaro, I push again riding more calm and try my best all over again. Also I saw the fastest lap, 32.7.

“I’m really happy first when I see this, because I win three times. This is unbelievable for me. Yeah, we lose the championship, but also we know I’m not looking at the championship. I’m just trying to win. Anyway, congratulations also to Alvaro.

Good season for him. And also congratulations to Ducati. Very fast bike this year. The championship was again changing. Next year we will try our best again. We need to improve the bike, also the power. We need more power. We will see.

“This year is finished. Okay, we have last race but the championship now is finished. I’m now focused next year because we need a good bike, we need more power, and we are again fighting for the championship. Maybe for next year is coming some different rules. Maybe for the kilo, maybe for the speed. I don’t know. Now Ducati is very, very fast. But anyway, I keep fighting again. I try my best. I see this weekend out with three wins.”

When reminded that one of the main reasons Bautista was champion is that he was more consistent and had few lost point than his main rivals Rea and Razgatlioglu, Toprak said, “I told you first, Alvaro this year, the first races, he’s just looking at me. He’s not focused on Alvaro. I’m always focused Alvaro because he’s fast.

“We know 2019. After, Jonny changed after four races after we crash. His mind changed. After, I start fighting with Alvaro. Okay, early season but easy for me because I’m feeling bike not like last year. But after, we improved the bike and I’m starting again fighting for the championship. Yes, we crash with Jonny, but this is a race crash.

“After two years, my mistake. I’m crashing in Argentina. Anyway, I am just fighting for the win. Why I crash? Because I’m looking just the win. Not second position, not third position. But now I am very happy. Ducati win this year, but I am really happy because this year also for me I’m incredibly improving. My level now is more than last year. I’m feeling this. This is good for me. Okay, we are fighting the fast bike but we are also learning. This is good for me.

He completely agrees that across the whole level of riders and machines, everybody’s bike is better than last year.

“Exactly. Everybody very fast. The bike maybe similar speed, my bike, but we are also improving a lot every race weekend. Okay, Ducati is very fast, but we are talking too much Ducati speed.”

When reminded that Ducati is bringing a new homologation V4R next year, Razgatlioglu said, “I don’t understand. Ducati looks like a slow bike? Next year is coming a new one. I don’t understand Ducati’s mentality.


But Yamaha next year not coming with a new bike, but my team is working for a new bike. We need more power and also maybe we improve electronics and some engine brake. I don’t know. We will see. We are directly starting to test also after Phillip Island.”

He was then asked was it harder to fight again Scott and Jonathan in 2021, or Jonathan and Alvaro this year? “This year I think much better because this year we are fast. Last year we are not fast. I am enjoying last year because I am fighting with Scott Redding and Jonathan Rea, and Scott sometimes had crashes. But this year I think it’s good because everybody is fast.

“I am learning and we are more fast than last year. I think a good year this year. Okay, we are not world champion but we are a big step now.”

Toprak was actually fighting some form of infection on Sunday, as he explained. “This morning I wake up and I’m feeling very bad,” he explained. “No energy and also I’m feeling a little bad. I go to the CLinica Mobile directly.

“After I go to Clinica, I take some pills and injection. I’m feeling a little bit better for the Superpole race, but still I’m not good energy. For second race, I tried to eat. I take some energy. In the race, I’m not feeling the best. I ride good. I’m feeling the good power. Now also feeling much better, but this morning was very bad.”

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