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WorldSBK Jerez: 'I'm here to win a championship not to lead laps' - Redding

Britain’s Scott Redding is technically a WorldSBK rookie but only in the same way Ben Spies was in 2009 and look how that turned out.

Redding, the reigning BSB champion, has the long game/big picture in his head as he enters the second day of competition at Jerez.

The prospect of the season’s race action starting again was as welcome for the factory Ducati man as anybody else, but it was a strange one for him to get his head around given the effects of Covid-19 on the non-existent spectator numbers.


“I wouldn’t say full action, there is no-one out there, and it feels like we are at a test!” he said. “It is good to be back, have some sessions and know that we have got something to aim for at the end of it – which is some points and hopefully some trophies.

“It is getting day one out of the way and it is fucking roasting hot out there. It is difficult for the tyres in this temperature and I need to understand how to ride the bike with this heat. Like in Barcelona, it was good for us to ride in those temperatures, but they were not like this. This is another level.

“We are just kind of working it out. I did not feel that comfortable this morning then this afternoon I started to feel better through the session so I was quite happy with that.”

The extreme conditions Redding – and all – will face in the races are not lost on the tall Englishman.

“It is hard here because it is not a strategy to just go and win the race,” he said about what his expectations were for Jerez. “With temperatures like this you have really got to consider your own body and energy, the tyres. The threshold is very close.

“If you go over the limit with the tyres then you are fucked, if you go over the limit with your body you are fucked, so we also have three races. And for me it is not enough time for the human body to really recover in those temperatures.

“We are also not allowed to use IV for hydration so it is going to be a hard weekend. I am going to save some energy, get some feeling and to be honest I would be happy to come away from here with solid points again, like starting the season again, more or less. Just to get the ball rolling and figure some things out. So far, from what I saw today I think we have pace to fight for a win. That is important.”

There have been some changes to his bike and setup since he first got on it, but mostly just to make him fit the bike better, and otherwise it is all setup more than parts.

“Just the rear seat unit I a bit different, they just adapted that for my size and style,” said Scott. “Just settings are a bit different, especially with these temperatures. This is me going into deep water.


“I have never been there on that bike with those tyres in these temperatures. This is me adapting, learning and understanding how to make it all work. Today was kind of useful. And we will see.”

Redding has done some homework on the 2019 races, where Alvaro Bautista won, and has seen video of how it was done.

“I have watched it back, but still at that point he had a nice advantage with his size and engine, which in this condition it helps a lot. When you weight 55 kilos you do not put so much weight on the tyre so the tyre temperature does not go over. For me it is a bit more different.

“For him I think it was easy to have confidence and then go away, and then control the race, because he knew that the tyre would not really drop off. If I pushed one lap too much it is very easy for me to fuck the tyre, and then I am done for the race. Like Tom Sykes in Phillip Island. He pushed, pushed, pushed pushed and then dropped.

“I have come here to win a championship not lead some laps of the race. It is a very fine line. I lost quite a bit of weight so hopefully this will help a little bit. It is still miles away from what a couple of these guys are weighing.”

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