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WorldSBK Most: Redding bounces back with podium marriage proposal

Scott Redding turned around the very public disappointment of losing the WorldSBK race one win to the tough pass of Toprak Razgatlioglu on Saturday by scoring another second in the Sprint race, but then simply blasting the rest of them into the weeds with a perfect Race Two.

Climbing onto the top step of a podium for the first time since Estoril, he also drew himself to within 50 points of third placed Jonathan Rea, and then proposed to his girlfriend Jayce from the podium itself.

Down on one knee, in front of the fans and the watching world at home, it was a great way for Redding to wrap-up a weekend that started in a difficult way, and continued all the way through to a redemptive Sunday service.


“Yesterday Toprak caught me just because the tyre was working a bit better,” said Redding. “I put the SCX and I thought, ‘Let’s go.’ I had nothing. You know sometimes you have a bit of doubt? Maybe the tyre, maybe this. I had zero doubt. If I can get a good start, I know I’ve got to the pace to go. I got a shit start. I thought, 'I’ve still got the pace to go, so try and get in the rhythm'.

"I felt calm. I felt relaxed. It was just working. The bike felt good. I was braking while hitting apexes, getting the flow. I didn’t feel pressure. I had that 0.3, and I was happy with that. I was like, no problem. I don’t feel any issues. Sometimes you’re like, they’re on me, they’re on me. But, I didn’t. I was like, no, I’ve got this. I knew I had the same tyre as him. I knew I had the same pace as him. I knew if we were on the same equipment, possibly I could be faster. So, I got my head down, got in my rhythm, and then the gap started opening. Got to 0.6, 0.8.

"As it came back down, I put the hammer down again, and then that’s what broke him, basically. So, I was in quite good control and then I don't know if he gave up or tyre went or whatever, but I had some seconds. I didn’t really let up too much, to be honest, but I felt like I was just riding more easy at the end to just bring it home. I looked back at the last corner and I expected to see him and there was no one there. I didn’t even look at the lap time. I have not a clue what lap time.

"It was just all on feel. I didn’t look at the board one time because I didn’t want to miss my braking into turn one. That was the only thing I was worried about, but I knew where my marker was and if I hit it, good. But sometimes if I look at the clock, look up, it happens a bit quick. So, I didn’t even look one time at the dashboard. I couldn’t tell if we were 33, 31, 32.”

Again Redding did not get the best launch, and it is something that has exercised his mind recently. It is not limited to him but also some other Ducati riders. However, as Redding said, “I seem to struggle more than the others. It’s never consistent. We changed something with the clutch for the last race and I thought that would be good. The bike was good, but I had a delay so I released the clutch and nothing happened. So, that’s why I dropped back.

"Luckily here it’s long to the first corner where I can kind of get back a little bit into a dominant position so I’m not being swamped. I am coming back. That was it. We need to fix it, really, because it’s costly. If I could get the holeshot, it would have made my weekend a lot easier but it can never be easier. Everyone would do it.”

He celebrated his important race two win with something much more important, asking his girlfriend to marry him when she was asked onto the podium to ostensibly collect the Ducati manufacturer’s prize. Then Redding sprung his proposal on her. “Asked her to marry me on the podium,” said Scott. “That was more nervous than the bloody race. I’ve been trying to do that since Donington, so that’s why I was so pissed off on Saturday.”

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