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WorldSBK tech boss Smart outlines 'super-concession' rules

WorldSBK technical director Scott Smart's mission to bring total parity to manufacturers in the series is moving apace and now the former 250cc champion has made another step forward with the regulations

Alongside the current balancing rules and concession points, Smart has worked closely with all the manufacturers and introduced super-concessions which will allow the manufacturers that need some help in other areas - chassis for example - to achieve their goals.
It is believed Honda is the first factory to gain super-concessions as it has been allowed to make greater adjustments to the suspension geometry of the Fireblade to more suit the series' Pirelli spec-tyre.
The Blade comes with Bridgestone tyres as original equipment and suits that tyre well, as its performance at the Suzuka Eight-Hours will attest, but the different construction of the Pirelli means it needs some extra tinkerage.
However, how the manufacturer arrives at the point where it is allowed the super-concession tokens is not a simple calculation.
"Concession points are awarded down to fifth place and the difference in concession points between manufacturers allows those access to a simplified performance comparison," Smart told bikesportnews.com.
"We will average the race time of the podium machines, using only the 75 per cent fastest laps, and then compare it to the average race time of each manufacturer's best two finishers. The size of the difference will then start to generate concession tokens and when a certain level has been reached, that manufacturer will be allowed upgrades. Less tokens would mean a concession update from the current list of concession parts and a greater number are required for Super Concessions
"Manufacturers will also be able to makes upgrades more frequently rather than the once-a-year system currently in place. The calculation ‘checkpoint’ is made every three events and if you're a long, long, long way off you may even earn a super-concession at that first checkpoint. The tokens carry over by one single checkpoint, so instead of taking a regular concession upgrade you can wait to get a super-concession.
"If you're somewhere in the middle, you'll get concessions but you'll get them more frequently than the once a year that you get them now,  and the concessions are like the normal parts like camshafts or flywheels.
"So basically all the concessions up till now have been based on engine performance. And now what we're doing is giving some some tweaks to the chassis, a bigger setting window or a little bit bigger modification window to the standard chassis to be able to like get the bike to work better."

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