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2023 British MotoE, Silverstone - Results from every session [Saturday]

Gold and Goose

Full Practice, Qualifying and Race Results for the 2023 British MotoE at Silverstone, Round 5 of 8 for the 2023 MotoE World Championship.

>>> 2023 MotoE World Championship standings <<<


British MotoE, Silverstone | Race 2 Results

Saturday | Conditions - Wet, Rain
2023 British MotoE | Silverstone, UK | Race 2 Results | Round 5 / 8
1Mattia Casadei🇮🇹HP Pons Los406 Laps
2Eric Granado🇧🇷LCR E-Team+1.108
3Nicholas Spinelli🇮🇹HP Pons Los40+6.775
4Jordi Torres🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team+6.909
5Hector Garzo🇪🇦Dynavolt Intact GP+7.724
6Andrea Mantovani🇮🇹RNF MotoE Team+9.115
7Matteo Ferrari🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE+10.359
8Hikari Okubo🇯🇵Tech3 E-Racing+19.483
9Kevin Manfredi🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse+19.776
10Mika Perez🇪🇦RNF MotoE Team+19.846
11Luca Salvadori🇮🇹Prettl Pramac MotoE+21.055
12Alessio Finello🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE+1m 05.854
13Maria Herrera🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team+1m 06.501
DNFKevin Zannoni🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse
DNFRandy Krummenacher🇨🇭Dynavolt Intact GP
DNFAlessandro Zaccone🇮🇹Tech3 E-Racing
DNFTito Rabat🇪🇦Prettl Pramac MotoE
DNFMiquel Pons🇪🇦LCR E-Team

British MotoE, Silverstone | Race 1 Results

Saturday | Conditions - Wet, Rain
2023 British MotoE | Silverstone, UK | Race 1 Results | Round 5 / 8
1Randy Krummenacher🇨🇭Dynavolt Intact GP5 Laps
2Kevin Manfredi🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse+0.142
3Eric Granado🇧🇷LCR E-Team+1.089
4Hector Garzo🇪🇦Dynavolt Intact GP+1.376
5Jordi Torres🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team+1.639
6Mattia Casadei🇮🇹HP Pons Los40+2.586
7Miquel Pons🇪🇦LCR E-Team+9.574
8Matteo Ferrari🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE+13.254
9Mika Perez🇪🇦RNF MotoE Team+13.706
10Andrea Mantovani🇮🇹RNF MotoE Team+13.951
11Tito Rabat🇪🇦Prettl Pramac MotoE+15.682
12Hikari Okubo🇯🇵Tech3 E-Racing+17.381
13Kevin Zannoni🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse+16.466 *
14Alessio Finello🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE+32.174
15Maria Herrera🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team+1m 03.235
DNFNicholas Spinelli🇮🇹HP Pons Los40
DNFLuca Salvadori🇮🇹Prettl Pramac MotoE
DNFAlessandro Zaccone🇮🇹Tech3 E-Racing

British MotoE, Silverstone | Qualifying Results

Friday | Conditions - Dry, Cloudy
2023 British MotoE | Silverstone, UK | Qualifying Results | Round 5 / 8
1Eric Granado🇧🇷LCR E-Team2m 10.912
2Mattia Casadei🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 11.135
3Hector Garzo🇪🇦Dynavolt Intact GP2m 11.238
4Tito Rabat🇪🇦Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 11.461
5Kevin Zannoni🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 11.572
6Randy Krummenacher🇨🇭Dynavolt Intact GP2m 11.638
7Nicholas Spinelli🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 11.702
8Andrea Mantovani🇮🇹RNF MotoE TeamNo Time
9Matteo Ferrari🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoENo Time
10Jordi Torres🇪🇦Openbank Aspar TeamNo Time
11Alessandro Zaccone🇮🇹Tech3 E-Racing2m 11.524
12Kevin Manfredi🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 11.821
13Alessio Finello🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE2m 11.981
14Luca Salvadori🇮🇹Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 12.236
15Miquel Pons🇪🇦LCR E-Team2m 12.336
16Hikari Okubo🇯🇵Tech3 E-Racing2m 12.663
17Mika Perez🇪🇦RNF MotoE Team2m 12.808
18Maria Herrera🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team2m 13.981

British MotoE, Silverstone | Practice 2 Results

Friday | Conditions - Dry, Cloudy
2023 British MotoE | Silverstone, UK | Practice 2 Results | Round 5 / 8
1Matteo Ferrari🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE2m 11.333
2Eric Granado🇧🇷LCR E-Team2m 11.481
3Hector Garzo🇪🇦Dynavolt Intact GP2m 11.568
4Kevin Manfredi🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 11.586
5Randy Krummenacher🇨🇭Dynavolt Intact GP2m 11.608
6Kevin Zannoni🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 11.799
7Nicholas Spinelli🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 11.845
8Jordi Torres🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team2m 11.951
9Tito Rabat🇪🇦Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 12.034
10Mattia Casadei🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 12.039
11Andrea Mantovani🇮🇹RNF MotoE Team2m 12.062
12Alessandro Zaccone🇮🇹Tech3 E-Racing2m 12.296
13Miquel Pons🇪🇦LCR E-Team2n 12.604
14Alessio Finello🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE2m 12.858
15Luca Salvadori🇮🇹Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 13.257
16Hikari Okubo🇯🇵Tech3 E-Racing2n 13.673
17Mika Perez🇪🇦RNF MotoE Team2n 14.082
18Maria Herrera🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team2m 16.037

British MotoE, Silverstone | Practice 1 Results

Friday | Conditions - Dry, Cloudy
2023 British MotoE | Silverstone, UK | Practice 1 Results | Round 5 / 8
1Hector Garzo🇪🇦Dynavolt Intact GP2m 12.229
2Randy Krummenacher🇨🇭Dynavolt Intact GP2m 12.242
3Jordi Torres🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team2m 12.717
4Eric Granado🇧🇷LCR E-Team2m 12.851
5Nicholas Spinelli🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 12.908
6Mattia Casadei🇮🇹HP Pons Los402m 13.074
7Andrea Mantovani🇮🇹RNF MotoE Team2m 13.096
8Matteo Ferrari🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE2m 13.121
9Tito Rabat🇪🇦Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 13.130
10Alessandro Zaccone🇮🇹Tech3 E-Racing2m 13.331
11Kevin Manfredi🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 13.520
12Kevin Zannoni🇮🇹Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse2m 14.355
13Miquel Pons🇪🇦LCR E-Team2m 14.483
14Hikari Okubo🇯🇵Tech3 E-Racing2m 14.901
15Luca Salvadori🇮🇹Prettl Pramac MotoE2m 15.137
16Alessio Finello🇮🇹Felo Gresini MotoE2m 15.161
17Mika Perez🇪🇦RNF MotoE Team2m 16.071
18Maria Herrera🇪🇦Openbank Aspar Team2m 17.754

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