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‘I'm human, sometimes it's time to suffer’ - Marquez

Marc Marquez has opened up about his ongoing recovery from surgery on his right arm as the eight-time champion sets his sights on a return to the top.

While the Spaniard suffered his own personal issues during 2022, Honda struggled to perform with the RC213V, failing to secure a single win and completing the year last in the constructors standings.

“Honda, HRC must work hard for the bike, if we want to fight for the championship” Marquez said plainly as he reviewed the season and looked forward to a, hopefully, most prosperous 2023. “Every year, you think that will be the year but we will see.


"The thing that I don't know, which is my 100 per cent on that right arm.

“Of course will be not like my left arm,” he acknowledged, “Is an arm that they open four times. I have four different surgeries so will be not a normal arm but this winter I need to understand which is the maximum of that arm, that I believe still I can grow a lot.

“Step by step I start to have a normal life,” he continued on his recovery. “Like for example, I start to play some paddle - I was not good before, now worse! But still I feel like, okay, is not the time, I need to wait a little bit more because still have some limitation there. I start to ride motocross but was too early.

“I'm there just trying to understand where is the limit, but the most important is that still every week I feel better and better. This is important. Then of course will arrive some day that will stop the progression and then we will understand the 100 per cent of this arm.”

While Marquez was embarking on one of his toughest seasons to date, he was far from alone. ‘Marc Marquez All in’ is set for release on Amazon Prime in the new year and while the original premise for the documentary was quickly turned on its head, the finished piece will provide insight the 29-year-old has not revealed before.

“We start the documentary already on February/March,” Marquez confirmed. “With the target of 'comeback to the top' but then during the year happen many things - I mean the diplopia, then the arm, then the surgery, then the comeback - so is another point of view of an athlete. As you see on the trailer, I get up from surgery and they were already here with a camera so they follow me everywhere.

"Will be nice, the people can understand another part of your life. The guys that were filming, they say this is like a film, because was unexpected. Since now, every time when they film me or when they make some report, some documentary, was like a 'superhero documentary'. I mean, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, but I'm human and it's not all the time winning. Sometimes it's time to suffer. On that documentary also you will see some images that I was crying too, I mean it's not always smiling and be happy. Will be another part of me. My personal life always I try to keep for me but we found a very nice group and then I was able to open everything.”

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