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Moto2 Catalunya, Qualifying: Garcia Takes Catalan Pole

Gold and Goose

After taking his second Grand Prix win of the season in France two weeks ago, Sergio Garcia arrives in Barcelona for the Catalan Grand Prix with the championship lead back in his control.


Sergio Garcia continued his strong form this weekend by taking Moto2 pole position in qualifying at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, his first pole in Moto2.

Aron Canet, 2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Garcia, at 1:41.894, was the only rider in the 1:41s in qualifying, and he finished 0.240 seconds ahead of Fermin Aldeguer, who made it a Boscoscuro 1-2.


Celestino Vietti completed the top three having come through Q1, and Aron Canet followed the same path to qualify fourth, alongside Albert Arenas and Manuel Gonzalez on row two.

Daniel Munoz, Alonso Lopez, and Joe Roberts make up row three, while Ai Ogura rounds out the qualifying top 10. Jake Dixon and Senna Agius will join the #79 on the fourth row.

2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix | Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya | Qualifying Results | Rd 6/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:41.894
2Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:42.134
3Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:42.182
4Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:42.193
5Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:42.309
6Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:42.325
7Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:42.328
8Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:42.328
9Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:42.364
10Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:42.439
11Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:42.458
12Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:42.623
13Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:42.697
14Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:42.707
15Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:42.781
16Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:42.795
17Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:42.845
18Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:43.348
19Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:43.086
20Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.089
21Jorge NavarroESPForward Racing TeamForward1:43.108
22Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:43.135
23Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:43.153
24Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:43.392
25Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:43.400
26Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:43.481
27Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:43.508
28Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:43.900
29Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:44.019
30Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:44.066
31Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:44.199
32Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:44.225


Moto2 World Championship leader Sergio Garcia topped P2 in Catalunya, the Spaniard setting a new lap record.

When it was initially set, Garcia's 1:41.917 record put him seven-tenths clear at the top of the times, but that was trimmed to under one-tenth by the end of the session courtesy of Joe Roberts and Jake Dixon, who were the only other riders in the 1:41s.

Fermin Aldeguer, 2024 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose

Somkiat Chantra was fourth, ahead of Manuel Gonzalez, Alonso Lopez, Daniel Munoz, Fermin Aldeguer, Albert Arenas, and Ai Ogura who completed the top 10.

The final four direct Q2 spots were taken by Filip Salac, Zonta van den Goorbergh, Izan Guevara, and Tony Arbolino. Aron Canet missed out by over one-tenth compared to Arbolino.

2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix | Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya | P2 Results | Rd 6/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:41.917
2Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:41.957
3Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:41.993
4Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:42.294
5Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:42.310
6Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:42.313
7Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:42.381
8Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:42.383
9Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:42.392
10Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:42.393
11Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:42.415
12Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:42.543
13Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:42.561
14Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:42.612
15Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:42.773
16Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:42.866
18Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:42.878
18Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:42.912
19Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:42.919
20Jorge NavarroESPForward Racing TeamForward1:42.950
21Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:42.986
22Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:42.998
23Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:43.005
24Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:43.117
25Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.244
26Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:43.277
27Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:43.370
28Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:43.496
29Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:43.653
30Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:43.712
31Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:43.984
32Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:44.786


Jorge Navarro delivered one of the surprises of the season in Moto2 P1, topping the session on the unfavoured Forward machine.

Aron Canet, 2024 Moto2 French Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Navarro wildcarded for the Italian team in Spain and was as uncompetitive as the brand's other riders, Alex Escrig and Xavi Artigas. 17th in FP on Friday morning in Barcelona showed better for Navarro than Escrig in 31st and Artigas in 32nd, but his time-topping 1:42.807 in P1 was a complete shock. Indeed, it was a lap record for now-WorldSSP regular Navarro.

Second place went to Joe Roberts, but he left Navarro as the only rider in the 1:42s. Daniel Munoz, Bo Bendsneyder's replacement at the GasUp team, led the session for much of it, but slipped to third by the end.


Manuel Gonzalez was fourth when he watched Navarro take the lap record from him, while Fermin Aldeguer rounded out the top five.

Aron Canet was sixth, ahead of Filip Salac, Sergio Garcia, Alonso Lopez, and Tony Arbolino who completed the top 10.

Albert Arenas, Ai Ogura, Senna Agius, and Izan Guevara took the final four provisional Q2 spots, which will be decided in P2 on Saturday morning.

2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix | Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya | P1 Results | Rd 6/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Jorge NavarroESPForward Racing TeamForward1:42.807
2Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:43.015
3Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:43.044
4Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:43.076
5Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.083
6Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:43.102
7Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:43.225
8Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:43.232
9Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.302
10Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:43.355
11Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:43.477
12Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:43.497
13Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:43.506
14Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:43.567
15Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.587
16Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:43.617
17Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:43.664
18Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:43.798
19Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:43.826
20Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:43.860
21Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:43.926
22Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:44.028
23Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:44.106
24Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:44.248
25Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:44.277
26Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:44.446
27Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:44.467
28Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:44.614
29Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:44.677
30Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:44.720
31Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:45.256
32Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:45.534


Manuel Gonzalez left Le Mans with the all-time lap record for Moto2 in his pocket, although his French GP weekend was marred by a crash in the race. In Barcelona, he has begun in the same record-breaking way, his 1:42.860 the new benchmark in the intermediate class.

Manuel Gonzalez, 2024 Moto2 French Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Gonzalez was the only rider in the 1:42s in Free Practice, Alonso Lopez - second-fastest - only managing a 1:43.042.

Jake Dixon was third, 0.002 seconds behind Alonso, while Joe Roberts was almost three-tenths further adrift in fourth.

Ai Ogura was fifth, ahead of Aron Canet and Somkiat Chantra. World Championship leader and Moto2 French Grand Prix winner Sergio Garcia was down in eighth after a late crash at turn 10, while Bo Bendsneyder's replacement, Daniel Munoz, impressed again in ninth. Fermin Aldeguer rounded out the top 10.

Full Moto2 results from Free Practice in Barcelona are below.

2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix | Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya | FP Results | Rd 6/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:42.860
2Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.042
3Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:43.044
4Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:43.320
5Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:43.376
6Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:43.385
7Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:43.401
8Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:43.474
9Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:43.481
10Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.591
11Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:43.604
12Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:43.607
13Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:43.658
14Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:43.664
15Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:43.687
16Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:43.702
17Jorge NavarroESPForward Racing TeamForward1:43.792
18Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:43.963
19Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:43.977
20Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:44.068
21Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:44.114
22Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:44.144
23Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:44.218
24Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:44.417
25Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:44.479
26Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:44.563
27Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:44.616
28Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:44.625
29Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:45.001
30Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:45.050
31Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:45.845
32Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:46.627

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