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There has been a lot already written about James Toseland and his performance at the British Grand Prix last weekend. Some said he put himself under too much pressure while others think he had too much going on outside of the job in hand in the race build-up.
During the Day of Champions, James spent around half an hour with his team and the rest was either on stage with his band Crash or dealing with media and sponsor commitments. Or talking to his fans, which is incredibly important. Was it enough?
It matters not now but one thing I do know is that James is a bloody hero and he tried. 
The two-times World Superbike Champion fell off twice in as many laps on Saturday trying to get a good qualifying spot in front of his home crowd as he knows that England Expects. He made a mistake changing tyres in the prevalent conditions, but mistakes happen. Even Rossi, who celebrated his 200th GP start this weekend, makes them.
Toseland crashed at the first corner on the first lap on Sunday. He didn't go into Redgate too hard, the rear came round on him and there was nothing he could do.
His bike ran over his head and he hurt his hand quite badly. And the right footpeg came off. He rode the rest of the GP, and finished it when many would have walked back to the pits, with no footrest and had to put his boot on a hot exhaust pipe as there was nowhere else for it. Plus, turning a MotoGP bike through Craner Curves with nowhere to put your weight is heroic. 
So what if he didn't get on the podium as he said he had a chance (a chance, mind) of doing? The fact he is there at all is something to cheer about. Let's not forget this is the first time we have had a rider capable of podium finishes in the premier class for some length of time. Since Ron Haslam, in fact.
After the race an obviously distraught Toseland said: "It is hard to explain just how disappointed how I am. I really wanted to get a good result for my home crowd but it was always going to be difficult after the problems of yesterday."
Those are words from a man who, at that point, had it in his head he had just let down not only the 88,000 people at the track, but everyone watching on the television too. And he had the presence of mind to congratulate 125 winner Scott Redding too.
Toseland deserves nothing less than a full round of applause for his efforts and to be cheered on this weekend and for the rest of the season. And the ill-informed critics and naysayers will soon begin to look stupid.

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