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James Ellison – Airwaves Yamaha (Q=5th, R1=2nd, R2=4th)
“I had a good start to the first race. Early on I thought Leon must have made a mistake so I knew I had a chance to score some good points for Airwaves Yamaha. I was pushing really hard to try and pass Stuart Easton but on the last lap there were yellow flags exactly where I wanted to pass.  I tried one last time at the hairpin but didn't have enough power to make anything stick.  I had a nightmare start in Race two and got stuck behind quite a few people. I'm pretty disappointed not to get on the podium again but I'm really happy that Airwaves Yamaha has wrapped up the Championship.”
Leon Camier – Airwaves Yamaha (Q=1st, R1=6th, R2=1st)
“The mistake in the first race was 100% my fault. I was pushing too hard to get past and was 16kph faster than I should have been! Once I got back on track I got my head down and tried to work my way through the field. It was pretty tough to pass out there so I'm pleased to have got as high as I did and get some more Championship points for Airwaves Yamaha.  I got an ok start to Race Two, for a change. From there, everything went to plan. A massive thank you to the whole team, the YZF-R1 worked amazingly all weekend.”
Tom Tunstall – Hardinge Doodson Motorsport
(Q=21st Cup=4th, R1=16th Cup=4th, R2=19th Cup=4th)

“In race two it was a shame I lost out in turn two when I had to take evasive action to avoid hitting Sylvain [Guintoli] as I knew I needed a good start. But in fairness we needed to find a bit more pace to have a chance of being on the podium here this weekend. The Cup pace has been strong here, but we know we are capable of matching it. It's just made me even more determined to up our game for the next round, but it does mean I have closed the gap to third in the championship by a handful of points.”
Peter Hickman – Ultimate Racing (Q=14th Cup=2nd, R1=11th Cup=2nd, R2=15th Cup=3rd)
“I was stuck behind [Julian] Da Costa in the first race and I just couldn’t get past him, his bike has a lot more grunt than mine and although I caught him on cornering I lost out on power down the straights.  In the second leg I was balked at the start when another rider cut across right in front of me. I had to shut off to avoid hitting him and everyone else just swept past me.”
“By the time I recovered the leaders had long gone and I was left to fight it out for 15th place.  I am disappointed that I am now unable to win the title this year but there is still everything to race for as I can still beat Mason and win a race before the end of the season plus of course I have to defend my second place in the Cup.”
James Westmoreland – JW Racing
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Steve Plater – H M Plant Honda
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Robbie Brown – AGB Transport/Packet Media
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Ben Wilson - Gearlink Kawasaki
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Daniel Cooper – Centurion Racing (Q=7th, R=6th)
“Thankfully I managed to finish this weekend as I had a couple of bad ones recently and just glad to be back in the points but wish I was a little higher up the pack. I wanted to make a pass a couple of times but the opportunity never came up, the bike was working well all weekend and hopefully we'll be able to be higher up the results sheet at the final two rounds. The Centurion team once again worked mega all weekend and glad that I got some good points.”
BJ Toal – Centurion Racing (Q=19th, R=13th)
“Each weekend we've been moving a step forward and each time we're moving further up in the overall results sheets which I'm pleased about. We had a couple of teething problems over the weekend but each time and every session we progressed and moved forward but I want to be further up the table but I need to get a good qualifying position. I'm still very grateful for the Centurion team for taking me on and hope that I'll be able to get a couple of top ten finishes at the last two rounds.”
Sam Lowes – Team Co-Ordit (Q=12th Cup=1st, R=DQ)
“I was happy with winning the Cup race and getting within a few points of winning the
Championship as I will miss Silverstone due to World duty. Those feelings evaporated when we learned that I had been disqualified. I feel very let down for the whole team as we worked hard all weekend to get into a strong position, and the technicality that I was disqualified was not of our making. My bike is not the fastest out there, but I will use Croft to my advantage as it has fired me up to pull me on at Oulton.”
Ben Wilson – Gearlink Kawasaki (Q=3rd, R=3rd)
“I had a lot more pace than Westy [James Westmoreland] through the left and right flick and I just found myself running in too quickly and thought I was going to run into the back of him. The only thing to do was to try and pass him, not really the right thing to do just there but it was either that or I hit him.”
“To be honest I thought the track was really slippery, from as early as lap four I was sliding all over the place but I saw that everyone else was as well. Then the pace car came out and slowed things down so that helped the tyres a little bit. After that we resumed practice and I ended up third. I am really chuffed with that result which has kept me in contention for the title which is still not beyond my grasp.”
Billy McConnell – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=1st, R=2nd)
“The race was where I wanted it until the safety car came out. Plater was back in seventh and we had him on my pit board so I knew the score. We were running a soft rear and when the safety car came out it cooled down. I got a good start and had a nice gap, once the safety car had gone in we just had nine laps to run and my tyre had started to slide.”
“I could have had a go at Plater on the faster stuff on the last lap but I hadn’t followed him for long enough to know his weak points. The team has worked really hard and for Plater to come from ninth to take the win, then fair play. It’s just made the Championship harder as I’m now seven points behind him. I’ll just have to win the next two rounds.”
Allan Jon Venter – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=10th, R=9th)
“I got a good start but there was carnage in the first corner and then I got bumped again at the hairpin. With four laps to go my tyre had cooled off and as I tried to pass Dan Linfoot I ran wide. I’ll now keep an open mind as we head to Silverstone.”
Lee Johnston – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=6th, R=11th)
“I’m really disappointed as from sixth on the grid I really should have had a result. I got pushed really wide at turn one and that left me way back. I started to come through the pack and got as far as 11th, I really worked my tyre and it went off which really didn’t help matters. I’ve got to thanks to Jason and Brad for a great setup and qualifying it’s a pity it didn’t come together in the race.”
Nikki Coates – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=4th, R=4th)
“I got a bad start and was too careful getting through the pack. I was wary after all the other incidents we’ve had this year. I should have pushed sooner as I let the front runners get away. I want to go one place better at Silverstone, I like the track and I’ve had good results there in the past.”
Luke Jones – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=13th, R=9th)
“I got a good start and on the first lap I made up a number of places. On the last corner on lap two I hit a false neutral and ran on. That dropped me to about 16th and I lost the group I had been battling with. I got back through some of them but every time I made a place someone put a do-or-die move on me and ran us both wide. It was very frustrating. I can’t wait to get to Silverstone as I love it there, it is one of my favourite tracks.”
Mike McLean – MAP Raceways Yamaha (Q=16th, R=18th)
“I got a good start and I made a few places into the first corner. Then a rider in front of me had a near high side and I had to brake on the back straight, as I tried to get away I was in the wrong gear so that held me back too. I had hoped for points as I’d qualified in 16th. I’ll just have to try and make up for it at Silverstone.”

Richard Cooper – Team Co-Ordit (Q=8th, R=7th)
“A hard weekend from start to finish with it being five years since I last raced at
Croft. We have been playing catch-up all weekend, which is not the best position to be in especially at such a technical circuit. I’m pleased with seventh under the circumstances and confident of regaining third over the final two rounds.”
Tom Weeden  - Taboo Motorsport Junior Team (Q=25th Cup=10th, R=15th Cup=8th)
“I have to come away from here pleased with 15th after only qualifying 25th, I felt a points finish was out of the question, but I upped my game in the race this was so much better than I had expected. I had problems learning the track all weekend, and the seizure in warm up didn’t help with my confidence, but we have gained a lot of valuable set up information and knowledge of the track this weekend, and hopefully we can remain in the points for the remaining 2 rounds.”
Brian Clark – Clark Racing (Q=6th, R=2nd)
“I’m glad to be back at the front but however glad I am perhaps without the back markers it would of been a different result, but Connor just got through them and its all part of racing, maybe next time I’ll be able to repay the favour? Today has been a good day though we’ve been strong throughout and the bike has worked fantastic in every aspect. I aim to go to Silverstone for some more of the same, well a little bit better if the truth be known.”
“The conditions weren’t the best and I could have gone a lot faster around the back section but as poor Robbie Stewart found out the track wasn’t good enough today. Obviously the result is not all down to me, the right people giving you the right advice make it possible and those people are Pete Banks, ‘Shagger’ and Pat Walsh at Dunlop so a MASSIVE thanks to them. The support from all of my team and sponsors is great so a Big thanks all round to you guys.”

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