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Moto2 Italy, Race: Roberts Beats Gonzalez in Last Lap Mugello Fight

Gold and Goose

Sergio Garcia arrives at the Moto2 Italy round with the championship lead, despite being beaten late on by MT Helmets MSI teammate Ai Ogura in the Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix a week ago.

Grand Prix

Joe Roberts won a shortened Moto2 Italian Grand Prix ahead of Manuel Gonzalez after a multi-rider lead battle.

The race was shortened from 19 laps to 12 laps after the Moto3 Italian Grand Prix was red-flagged and delayed.

Joe Roberts, 2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Roberts made the holeshot, and led the early stages but was unable to break away from a leading group of six.

Several riders had chances at the front, including Alonso Lopez, Aron Canet, and Manuel Gonzalez, but, like Roberts, none were able to get away from the group.

Battling with Lopez on lap nine sent Roberts back to fourth, as Gonzalez and then Canet hit the front. The American recovered to third by the end of the lap, a retook the lead from Gonzalez at turn one on lap 10.

Roberts and Gonzalez were then able to break away by around half-a-second onto the final lap. The Spaniard's attempt at the win came at turn one, but Roberts immediately responded at turn two.

From there, it was a big push from Roberts, who was never again within reach of Gonzalez. A strong exit from the final corner sealed the deal for the American, who won his second Grand Prix.

Gonzalez secured second place, ahead of Lopez whose third place keeps him in championship contention.

Championship leader Sergio Garcia was fourth, but saw his points lead cut to seven by Roberts. Ai Ogura finished fifth.

Aron Canet rounded out the top six, ahead of Celestino Vietti who had the pace to run at the front but left himself with too much ground to make up. It was seventh for Vietti, while Izan Guevara took eighth with similarly strong pace to Vietti. Somkiat Chantra and Marcos Ramirez completed the top 10.

Fermin Aldeguer started the race despite not taking part in qualifying due to neck pain, but didn't finish after an incident with Jeremy Alcoba.

2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | Grand Prix Result | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalexWIN
2Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex0.067
3Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro0.934
4Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1.192
5Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1.253
6Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1.859
7Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex2.618
8Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex3.349
9Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex3.450
10Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex5.877
11Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex6.516
12Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex10.969
13Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex11.782
14Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex11.930
15Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex13.036
16Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex13.381
17Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex15.564
18Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex15.618
19Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex15.760
20Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex17.512
21Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex17.576
22Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex17.779
23Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex28.024
24Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward34.678
25Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward35.265
26Mattia PasiniITATeam CiattiBoscoscuro1:18.428
DNFDarryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalexDNF
DNFJeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalexDNF
DNFFermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuroDNF
DNFFilip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalexDNF
DNFAyumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalexDNF


Joe Roberts, 2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: gold and Goose.

Joe Roberts scored his first pole position of the 2024 Moto2 World Championship in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix. The American was ahead of Sergio Garcia, the two of them the only riders in the 1:49s.

Alonso Lopez was third, ahead of Manuel Gonzalez, Darryn Binder, and Marcos Ramirez. Binder and Ramirez both came through Q1 to land on the second row.

Mattia Pasini is wildcarding for Team Ciatti - the Boscoscuro-running team that competes in the European Moto2 Championship - and qualified seventh, ahead of Somkiat Chantra and Aron Canet on row three.

Celestino Vietti completed the qualifying top 10, and will line-up alongside Jeremy Alcoba and Catalunya winner Ai Ogura on the fourth row.


Fermin Aldeguer did not take part in qualifying due to neck pain.

2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | Qualifying Result | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:49.877
2Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:49.955
3Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:50.132
4Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:50.248
5Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:50.346
6Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:50.358
7Mattia PasiniITATeam CiattiBoscoscuro1:50.410
8Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:50.450
9Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:50.497
10Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:50.505
11Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:50.551
12Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:50.573
13Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:50.576
14Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:50.759
15Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:50.796
16Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:50.894
17Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:51.054
18Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuroNo Time Set
19Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:50.850
20Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:50.974
21Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:51.033
22Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:51.170
23Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:51.180
24Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:51.186
25Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:51.380
26Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:51.503
27Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:51.584
28Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:51.719
29Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:51.831
30Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:52.066
31Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:53.449

Practice 2

Alonso Lopez, 2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Alonso Lopez set a new Moto2 lap record for the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello at a 1:49.926, as he became the first rider in the intermediate class to dip below the 1:50 mark. It's a time that would have put Lopez 10th on the 2006 MotoGP grid.

Fermin Aldeguer was second, just ahead of Ai Ogura and Sergio Garcia, who made it a Boscoscuro 1-2-3-4 in P2. Celestino Vietti and Manuel Gonzalez were the first two Kalex chassis' in fifth and sixth, respectively, while Joe Roberts was seventh. Mattia Pasini, wildcarding this weekend, made it five Boscoscuro chassis' in the top eight, while Aron Canet and Deniz Oncu rounded out the top 10.

Izan Guevara, Tony Arbolino, Somkiat Chantra, and Jake Dixon took the final four Q2 spots.

2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | P2 Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:49.926
2Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:50.146
3Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:50.160
4Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:50.257
5Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:50.271
6Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:50.288
7Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:50.332
8Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:50.495
9Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:50.512
10Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:50.554
11Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:50.631
12Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:50.637
13Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:50.679
14Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:50.740
15Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:50.770
16Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:50.803
17Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:50.807
18Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:50.842
19Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:50.895
20Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:50.938
21Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:50.973
22Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:51.009
23Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:51.060
24Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:51.103
25Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:51.168
26Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:51.203
27Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:51.590
28Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:51.816
29Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:51.979
30Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:53.038
31Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:53.832

Practice 1

Somkiat Chantra, 2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Somkiat Chantra was second-fastest on Friday morning in Italy, but the Thai rider went one better in Moto2 P1, topping the session by 0.010 seconds.

Joe Roberts was second, ahead of Fermin Aldeguer - fastest in Free Practice - while Alonso Lopez was foruth.

Aron Canet rounded out the top five and Barry Baltus the top six, while Filip Salac was seventh, championship leader Sergio Garcia eighth, Tony Arbolino ninth, and Manuel Gonzalez 10th.

2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | P1 Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:50.841
2Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:50.851
3Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:50.916
4Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:50.928
5Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:50.977
6Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:51.056
7Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:51.064
8Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:51.119
9Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:51.248
10Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:51.375
11Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:51.426
12Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:51.440
13Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:51.458
14Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:51.515
15Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:51.558
16Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:51.636
17Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:51.787
18Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:51.826
19Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:51.839
20Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:51.846
21Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:51.861
22Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:52.091
23Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:52.199
24Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:52.315
25Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:52.611
26Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:52.622
27Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:52.652
28Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:52.922
29Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:53.064
30Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:53.073
31Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:54.437

Free Practice

Fermin Aldeguer, 2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Fermin Aldeguer bounced back from his Catalan disappointment one week ago to top Moto2 Free Practice in Mugello, although Somkiat Chantra was less than 0.1 seconds behind in second place.

Tony Arbolino was almost 0.3 seconds further back in third, while Jake Dixon and Izan Guevara were the final two riders under the 1:52 mark in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Barry Baltus was sixth, ahead of reigning Moto3 World Champion Jaume Masia, Manuel Gonzalez, Catalunya winner Ai Ogura, and Aron Canet who rounded out the top 10.

2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | FP Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:51.311
2Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:51.380
3Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:51.676
4Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:51.763
5Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:51.880
6Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:52.061
7Jaume MasiaESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamKalex1:52.090
8Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:52.100
9Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:52.116
10Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:52.136
11Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:52.164
12Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:52.234
13Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:52.332
14Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:52.364
15Deniz OncuTURRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:52.385
16Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:52.458
17Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:52.489
18Mattia PasiniITASpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:52.503
19Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:52.562
20Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:52.607
21Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:52.836
22Daniel MunozESPPertamina Mandalika Gas Up TeamForward1:52.856
23Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:52.926
24Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:52.953
25Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:53.435
26Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:53.518
27Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:53.641
28Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:53.893
29Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:54.004
30Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:54.884
31Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:55.729

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