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Moto3 Italy, Race: Alonso Wins Restarted Italian GP

Gold and Goose

The Moto3 Italy round in 2024 marks the seventh round of the championship. After his fourth win of the season at the Moto3 Catalan Grand Prix, David Alonso leads the riders' standings by 14 points.

Grand Prix

David Alonso won a red-flagged and shortened Moto3 Italian Grand Prix, despite strong pace from Collin Veijer.

Alonso made the holeshot, and led a breakaway of the top six which had distanced themselves from the rest by lap five.

David Alonso leads 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit Gold and Goose.

He was headed at several points, and his breakaway attempts were mostly foiled by Collin Veijer, who was the only rider who could not only stay on Alonso's pace but also close a gap to the Colombian.

However, when Alonso hit the front on lap eight, Veijer was pushed to the back of the group and the chase of the #80 CFMoto Aspar rider was now led by Ryusi Yamanaka.

Alonso didn't drop the group completely, but he led by 0.7 seconds onto the penultimate lap.

By now Veijer was back at the front of the chasing group, and back-to-back fastest laps on laps nine and 10 meant he was still in contention with Alonso - 0.4 seconds separated them with one lap to go.

Alonso was equal to Veijer's challenge, though, and led onto the pit straight, where the finish line proved too close to the final corner for the Dutchman.

Alonso's victory was his fifth from the first seven races, while Veijer's podium was his second in the last three. Ryusei Yamanaka completed the podium, his first top three finish in Grand Prix racing.

Ivan Ortola had third place seemingly locked down, but he crashed on the final lap at turn 12. The Spaniard remounted and finished sixth, behind Taiyo Furusato and David Munoz in fourth and fifth, respectively, but ahead of Luca Lunetta who finished seventh.

Adrian Fernandez, Jacob Roulstone, and Matteo Bertelle completed the top 10.

It was a poor day for Dani Holgado who finished 14th after being judged by the MotoGP Stewards to be at fault for an incident in the first turn that led to crashes for Jose Antonio Rueda and Stefano Nepa. Nepa retired, but Rueda got back on and finished 15th.


Alonso also made the holeshot on the first start, and led the whole way of the initial race. The red flag came out on lap four for an incident on lap three involving Filippo Farioli and Xabi Zurutuza on the exit of Arrabbiata 2 which left Zurutuza requiring medical assistance. Both Farioli and Zurutuza were reported as conscious and okay, the 16-year-old Spaniard needing an ambulance to be taken to the circuit medical centre. Zurutuza was later confirmed as having suffered back trauma, and was transferred to hospital.

2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | Grand Prix Result | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMotoWIN
2Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna0.142
3Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1.253
4Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1.700
5David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM5.399
6Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM12.556
7Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda13.839
8Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda13.971
9Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas14.099
10Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda14.106
11Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda14.299
12Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM14.335
13Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM16.899
14Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas22.031
15Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM22.091
16Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM22.122
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda22.205
18Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto22.259
19Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda25.656
20Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM25.857
21David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda33.633
22Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda37.688
23Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda53.010
DNFXabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTMDNF
DNFTatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarnaDNF


David Alonso, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Impact Images.

David Alonso put on a determined display to take pole position for the Moto3 Italy Grand Prix.

The Colombian had broken the lap record in each of the three practice sessions, but that gave the prompt to Ivan Ortola to seek out Alonso's slipstream in qualifying.

David Alonso, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Ortola used that to take provisional pole from Alonso for almost the duration of the session, but a mistake from the Spaniard on the penultimate lap cost him crucial distance to his rival, just as Alonso started what would be his best lap of the session.

Although he could not dip into the 1:53s as he did in P2, Alonso's 1:54.194 was enough to take pole, and mean that he will enter tomorrow's race as the only rider to top a session this weekend in the Moto3 class.

Ortola's tactics were dubious but intelligent. Not only did he use Alonso as a tow and marker, he also upset the Colombian's rhythm and got slightly into his head. Clearly, Alonso's mental strength is superb, but credit has to go to Ortola for doing all he could to disrupt a rider who he knows is faster than himself.

Jose Antonio Rueda completed the top three, ahead of Collin Veijer who crashed on his final lap. Dani Holgado and Luca Lunetta join Veijer on the second row.

Jacob Roulstone was seventh, ahead of Taiyo Furusato and Joel Kelso on the third row, while Riccardo Rossi completed the qualifying top 10. Xabi Zurutuza and Stefano Nepa join the #54 on row four.

2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | Qualifying Result | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:54.194
2Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:54.441
3Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:54.797
4Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:54.906
5Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:55.112
6Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:55.136
7Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:55.209
8Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:55.251
9Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:55.464
10Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:55.492
11Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:55.590
12Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:55.654
13Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:55.760
14David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:55.850
15Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:55.900
16Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:55.966
17Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:56.270
18Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:57.101
19Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:56.856
20Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:56.921
21Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:56.946
22Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:57.058
23Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:57.114
24David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:57.148
25Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:57.834
26Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:58.214


Another new lap record was set by David Alonso at Mugello, almost two seconds faster than the existing record coming into the weekend.

Before 2024, no one had ridden a Moto3 bike around Mugello in less than 1:56, and yet Alonso is in the 1:53s after Practice 2.

Alonso was once again in a second of his own, the only rider in the 53s. Ryusei Yamanaka and Collin Veijer were second and third, ahead of Stefano Nepa, Ivan Ortola, and Jose Antonio Rueda who completed the top six, Rueda that final rider in the 1:54s.

Adrian Fernandez was seventh, ahead of Jacob Roulstone, Tatstuki Suzuki, and Taiyo Furusato. Riccardo Rossi, Xabi Zurutuza, Dani Holgado, and Luca Lunetta took the final four direct Q2 spots.

2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | P2 Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:53.926
2Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:54.646
3Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:54.715
4Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:54.845
5Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:54.914
6Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:54.969
7Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:55.154
8Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:55.208
9Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:55.235
10Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:55.363
11Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:55.412
12Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:55.466
13Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:55.489
14Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:55.668
15Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:55.681
16Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:55.692
17Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:55.842
18Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:55.931
19Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:56.056
20David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:56.219
21Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:56.261
22Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:56.406
23David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:56.549
24Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:57.294
25Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:58.283
26Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:58.303


David Alonso, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

David Alonso was fastest once again in Moto3 Practice 1 at Mugello. The Colombian was almost 1.2 seconds faster than the lap record he set in Free Practice, and over 0.5 seconds clear of the field.

The lap record coming into this weekend was a 1:56.001, but Alonso has now lowered that to a 1:54.671, and only two other riders were below the 1:56 barrier in Moto3 P1: Collin Vijer and Ryusei Yamanaka.

In fourth place was Jose Antonio Rueda, while Luca Lunetta continued his impressive form from both the morning and from Catalunya to finish the day in fifth place, and Ivan Ortola rounded out the top six.

Stefano Nepa was seventh, ahead of Joel Kelso, Adrian Fernandez, and Jacob Roulstone.

2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | P1 Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:54.671
2Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:55.207
3Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:55.368
4Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:56.088
5Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:56.143
6Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:56.160
7Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:56.224
8Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:56.237
9Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:56.291
10Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:56.297
11Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:56.392
12David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:56.498
13Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:56.548
14Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:56.565
15Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:56.706
16Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:56.791
17Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:56.862
18Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:56.901
19Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:57.014
20David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:57.132
21Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:57.281
22Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:57.325
23Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:57.345
24Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:57.944
25Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:58.107
26Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:58.516

Free Practice

David Alonso, 2024 Moto3 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

David Alonso topped his 19th session from the last 21 in Moto3 Free Practice at Mugello, once again taking an advantage of more than one second over second place.

Despite some damp patches around the circuit, Alonso was under the Moto3 lap record by the end of Free Practice, and the only rider in the 1:55s. To put his advantage into real perspective, only Ryusei Yamanaka was able to lap in the 1:56s.

Behind Yamanaka, Jose Antonio Rueda was third, and Dani Holgado fourth, 1.3 seconds down on Alonso. Holgado was ahead of Stefano Nepa and Xabi Zurutuza who rounded out the top six, while David Munoz, Luca Lunetta, Collin Veijer, and Matteo Bertelle completed the top 10.

2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix | Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello | FP Results | Rd 7/21
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:55.818
2Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:56.886
3Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:57.050
4Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:57.139
5Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:57.279
6Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:57.477
7David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:57.513
8Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:57.539
9Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:57.669
10Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:57.678
11Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:57.718
12Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:57.803
13Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:57.846
14Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:57.875
15Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:57.896
16Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:57.962
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:57.982
18David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:58.113
19Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:58.119
20Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:58.713
21Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:58.724
22Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:58.813
23Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:58.863
24Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:59.644
25Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:59.747
26Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:59.942

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