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2024 Daytona 200 | Tyler Scott goes solo to slip up rivals for pole, Richard Cooper on row three


Tyler Scott upstaged his rivals to claim a hugely impressive pole position for the 2024 Daytona 200 despite persevering with lapping on his own during the all-important Time Attack around the Daytona Motor Speedway.

The Vision Wheel M4 Ecstar Suzuki rider ignored the usual tactics that would see his rivals in the 12-rider shootout for pole position group together in an effort to slipstream one another to a faster time to wind up his momentum to an eventual timesheet topping lap of 1m 48.047secs.

British visitors Richard Cooper and Peter Hickman impressed to reach the Time Attack with their laps from Q2, the PHR Performance Triumph riders eventually landing eight and 12th on the grid respectively.


For Scott, his performance hinged on his incremental build up of pace as he tackled a difficult benchmark set early on by Boulder Motor Sports rider Stefano Mesa.

The Colombian took advantage of the slipstream offered up by Bobby Fong and 2023 Daytona 200 winner Josh Herrin to come across the line with a 1m 48.147secs lap, notably hitting 180.2mph in doing so.

It was this last sector surge that for a time looked capable of keeping Mesa on for a surprise pole position with Scott losing around +0.2-0.3s in the final full throttle banked section despite repeatedly setting fastest times through sectors one and two.

However, Scott’s perseverance on the Suzuki GSX-R750 paid off, banking a four-tenth advantage through the first two sectors to cling on by a tenth by the time he’d reached the line.

As such, despite failing to match the time set by team-mate Richie Escalante in Q1, he will get away from pole position for the 82nd running of the iconic American race, with Mesa and Fong - also benefiting from the aforementioned three-way ebb-and-flow - securing a spot on the front row in third.

Hayden Gillim made it three Suzukis inside the top four in fourth place, with Herrin and Xavi Fores - this year riding the Attack Performance Yamaha R6 after winning the MotoAmerica Supersport title on the Warhorse HSBK Ducati - completing row two in sixth.

Blake Davis heads up row three in seventh, with Cooper landing in eighth after an impressive performance in what will be only his second Daytona 200 start and his first in 16 years. 

He fared better than team-mate Hickman who, having made a big overnight improvement to make it into the Time Attack, failed to string a strong lap together, leaving him 12th. 

While American riders make up four of the top five positions, there remains a strong chance there will be a first non-American winner of the Daytona 200 since 2008 when Chaz Davies was a winner with five international riders - including Escalante in ninth - starting on the front four rows.


Elsewhere, Endurance World Champions YART are also in the mix, its three riders - Marvin Fritz, Niccolo Canepa and Karel Hanika - having just missed out on the Time Attack in 14th, 16th and 17th respectively.

Meanwhile, Kayla Yaakov continued to make a name for herself among esteemed competition, the teenager not only qualifying strongly in 18th for her first Daytona 200 but out-qualifying more experienced MotoAmerica Superbike front-running team-mates Corey Alexander and PJ Jacobsen.

🇺🇲 ⏱️ 2024 Daytona 200 | Time Attack Results [Top 12 Qualifying]

Friday | Daytona Motor Speedway

🇺🇲 ⏱️ 2024 Daytona 200 Results | Daytona Motor Speedway | Time Attack Results [Top 12]
Pos.RiderNat.TeamMotorcycleLap Time
1Tyler Scott🇺🇲Vision Wheel M4 EcstarSuzuki GSX-R7501m 48.047
2Stefano Mesa🇨🇴Boulder Motor SportsDucati Panigale V21m 48.147
3Bobby Fong🇺🇲Wrench MotorcyclesSuzuki GSX-R7501m 48.697
4Hayden Gillim🇺🇲Vesrah RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501m 48.850
5Josh Herrin🇺🇲Warhorse HSBK RacingDucati Panigale V21m 48.886
6Xavi Fores🇪🇸Attack PerformanceYamaha R61m 48.911
7Blake Davis🇺🇲N2 Racing/Bobblehead MotoYamaha R61m 49.021
8Richard Cooper🇬🇧PHR PerformanceTriumph STR765 RS1m 49.034
9Richie Escalante🇲🇽Vision Wheel M4 EcstarSuzuki GSX-R7501m 49.053
10Josh Hayes🇺🇲CSU One Cue/J4orce RacingYamaha R61m 49.068
11Brandon Paasch🇺🇲Vision Wheel M4 EcstarSuzuki GSX-R7501m 49.439
12Peter Hickman🇬🇧PHR PerformanceTriumph STR765 RS1m 51.685

🇺🇲 ⏱️ 2024 Daytona 200 Results | Daytona Motor Speedway | Grid decided by Q1 & Q2 Combined Group A/B Results
Pos.RiderNat.TeamMotorcycleLap Time
13Maximiliano Gerado🇺🇾TopPro Racing TeamSuzuki GSX-R7501m 49.580
14Marvin Fritz🇩🇪YART ProKASROYamaha R61m 49.597
15Danny Eslick🇺🇲TOBC RacingTriumph STR765 RS1m 49.876
16Niccolo Canepa🇮🇹YART ProKASROYamaha R61m 49.884
17Karel Hanika🇨🇿YART ProKASROYamaha R61m 49.988
18Kayla Yaakov🇺🇲Rahal Ducati MotoDucati Panigale V21m 50.227
19Corey Alexander🇺🇲Rahal Ducati MotoDucati Panigale V21m 50.258
20Ben Young🇨🇦Team BATTLAXSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.329
21Matt Truelove🇬🇧Truelove Brothers RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.345
22Teagg Hobbs🇺🇲Vision Wheel M4 EcstarSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.348
23Tom Toparis🇦🇺ASTRO MARSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.448
24David Anthony🇦🇺Wrench MotorcyclesSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.468
25Carl Solitisz🇺🇲Super Carl RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501m 50.480
26Taylor Knapp🇺🇲Apex MfgTriumph Daytona 7651m 50.981
27Harry Truelove🇬🇧Truelove Brothers RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501m 51.205
28Gus Rodio🇺🇲Rodio RacingDucati Panigale V21m 51.211
29Trevor Dion🇨🇦Warhorse HSBK RacingDucati Panigale V21m 51.251
30Trevor Daley🇨🇦Team BATTLAXSuzuki GSX-R7501m 51.754
31PJ Jacobsen🇺🇲Rahal Ducati MotoDucati Panigale V21m 51.839
32Jason Farrell🇺🇲Get Fast PerformanceKawasaki ZX-6R1m 52.001
33Eli Block🇺🇲BARTCON RacingTriumph Daytona 675R1m 52.174
34Diego Perez🇪🇸Bikepass MotorsportsYamaha R61m 51.237
35Danilo Lewis🇧🇷Team BrazilYamaha R61m 53.155
36Sebastien Tremblay🇨🇦Turcotte PerformanceKawasaki ZX-6R1m 53.667
37Max Angles🇺🇲Max Angles Racing TeamKawasaki ZX-6R1m 53.898
38Samuel Guerin🇨🇦Original Garage Premont HDKawasaki ZX-6R1m 54.334
39Mavrick Cyr🇨🇦R2R Canada/Rizzin RacingTriumph Daytona 675R1m 54.813
40Brad Macrae🇨🇦Mac RacingYamaha R61m 55.231
41Tony Storniolo🇺🇲Team StornioloSuzuki GSX-R7501m 55.314
42Jason Waters🇺🇲Edge RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1m 55.394
43Gary Yancoskie🇺🇲Mosites MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R1m 55.468
44Jorge Ehrenstein🇲🇽HONOSDucati Panigale V21m 55.693
45Shane Maggs🇦🇺Shane Maggs RacingYamaha R61m 55.716
46Matthew Simpson🇨🇦Evans RacingYamaha R61m 55.721
47Rigo Salazar🇨🇴CRT MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R1m 55.886
48Joshua Booth🇺🇲Blackhawk RacingSuzuki GSX-R7501m 56.289
49Alan Phillips🇺🇲APR/SixTwo LLCKawasaki ZX-6R1m 56.367
50Brad Moser🇺🇲Coleman PowerSportsKawasaki ZX-6R1m 56.569
51Agustin Sierra🇺🇲TopPro Racing TeamSuzuki GSX-R7501m 56.622
52Ryne Snooks🇺🇲Ready to Ride MotorcycleYamaha R61m 56.686
53Alex Michel🇨🇦SpeedFactory 67Kawasaki ZX-6R1m 56.751
54Andrew Bowen🇺🇲Bowen RacingYamaha R61m 56.780
55Anthony Fania Jr🇺🇲KSW RacingYamaha R61m 56.939
56Tony Blackall🇺🇲Blackall RacingYamaha R61m 57.045
57Chuck Ivey🇺🇲Team Velocity RacingYamaha R61m 57.326
58Jessica Capizzi🇺🇲Get Fast PerformanceKawasaki ZX-6R1m 57.783
59Austin Martinez🇺🇲Martinez MotorsportsKawasaki ZX-6R1m 57.924
60Israel Gillette🇺🇲Moto Mutt InternationalDucati Panigale V21m 58.270
61Sean Hopkins🇺🇲Hopkins RacingYamaha R61m 58.471
62Eddie Kaye🇺🇲KSR Kyle Stringer RacingKawasaki ZX-6R1m 59.427
63Josh Gallusser🇺🇲Gallusser RacingSuzuki GSX-R6001m 59.819
64Kyle Kearcher🇺🇲Nashville Racing TeamTriumph Daytona 675R2m 00.711
65Samuel Fisher🇺🇲Galactic UnicornsTriumph STR765 RS2m 01.823
66David Kohlstaedt🇺🇲SBKUNDGKawasaki ZX-6R2m 03.861
-Alex Coelho🇵🇹MTRS Coelho RacingKawasaki ZX-6RNo Time
-Elliot Vieira🇬🇾EV 33 RacingDucati Panigale V2No Time
-Chris Sarbora🇺🇲SBKUNDGKawasaki ZX-6RNo Time

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