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Moto2 Dutch TT, Race: Ogura Holds Off Aldeguer

Gold and Goose

Moto3 is back this weekend after a three-week break since the Moto2 Italian Grand Prix in Mugello. Sergio Garcia leads the riders' standings after seven rounds, but Joe Roberts is the most recent winner after his Mugello triumph. Ai Ogura was victorious in the race, beating Fermin Aldeguer.

Dutch TT

Ai Ogura took victory in the Moto2 Dutch TT, his second win in three races, beating Fermin Aldeguer in a late fight.

Ogura made the holeshot, but Aldeguer took the lead at turn five on the first lap. He opened a lead from that point of 1.5 seconds, but then received a long lap penalty for track limits on lap 14. He served that on lap 16, which dropped him back to third place.


It was the two MT Helmets MSI teammates, Ogura and Sergio Garcia, who took advantage of Aldeguer's penalty. They had been able to break away from Alonso Lopez and a number of Kalex riders - including Tony Arbolino and Manuel Gonzalez - in the middle of the race, and would now contest the victory with Aldeguer who rejoined a second behind the leader, Ogura.

Garcia made his move to the front past his teammate at the final corner on lap 18, but Ogura responded immediately at the first turn of the following lap. A mistake from Garcia then in turn seven opened the door for Aldeguer in turn eight, and when Garcia nearly ran into the back of his compatriot at turn one on lap 20 he lost a second, which appeared to convince him to settle for third place.

Ahead, Aldeguer was all over the back of Ogura with two laps to go, but couldn't find a way past. With one lap to go, Ogura pulled the pin, and put himself out of range of any potential attacks from the #54.

It was the second race in three that Aldeguer had effectively thrown away with a track limits penalty, and on both occasions it has been Ogura, who now moves into second place in the championship, to pick up the pieces.

Behind Garcia in third place, last year's winner Jake Dixon was the best Kalex rider and the best WP rider in fourth place, ahead of Somkiat Chantra who completed the top five. Tony Arbolino had been as high as second in the first three laps, but finished sixth, ahead of Marcos Ramirez. Alonso Lopez once again proved to have worse tyre management than the other Boscoscuro riders, going from podium contention in the opening laps to eighth place and over 12 seconds off the win by the finish.

Manuel Gonzalez finished ninth, ahead of Senna Agius who crossed the line 10th, but a track limits penalty on the final lap dropped Agius to 11th and promoted Celestino Vietti - who ran over the gravel at the final chicane early in the race - to 10th.

2024 Moto2 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | Dutch TT Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuroWIN
2Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro0.571
3Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro4.252
4Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex8.985
5Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex9.949
6Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex10.069
7Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex12.488
8Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro12.592
9Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex12.734
10Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex12.986
11Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex13.086
12Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex14.830
13Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex17.188
14Bo BendsneyderNEDPreicanos Racing TeamKalex17.764
15Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex23.144
16Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex23.663
17Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex29.783
18Marcel SchrotterGERRed Bull KTM AjoKalex33.376
19Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex33.452
20Daniel MunozESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex42.802
21Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward50.664
22Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex52.172
23Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward52.610
24Jaume MasiaESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex52.672
DNFAlbert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2KalexDNF
DNFAron CanetESPFantic RacingKalexDNF
DNFZonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalexDNF
DNFAyumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalexDNF


Fermin Aldeguer, 2024 Moto2 Dutch TT. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Fermin Aldeguer took pole position in qualifying for the Moto2 Dutch TT, as Boscoscuro dominated once again.

The Italian chassis brand locked out the front row with Ai Ogura and Sergio Garcia second and third, respectively, behind pole sitter Aldeguer. The fourth Boscoscuro of Alonso Lopez was briefly fourth, before being pushed back to fifth by the final attempt of Manuel Gonzalez. Albert Arenas came through Q1 to qualify on the back of the second row in sixth.

Tony Arbolino was seventh, but his disgust at a front slide in turn six on his final lap suggested he thought more was possible. Diogo Moreira and Jake Dixon join the Italian on row three, while Celestino Vietti heads up the fourth row in 10th, where he is joined by Senna Agius and Marcos Ramirez, the lone American Racing rider in qualifying after Joe Roberts' broken collarbone saw him declared unfit on Friday.

2024 Moto2 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | Qualifying Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:35.269
2Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:35.499
3Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:35.623
4Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:35.640
5Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:35.745
6Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:35.824
7Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:35.873
8Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:35.901
8Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:35.983
9Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:36.046
10Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:36.130
11Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:36.139
12Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:36.157
13Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:36.163
14Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:36.271
15Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:36.361
16Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:36.396
17Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalexNo Time Set
19Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:36.237
20Bo BendsneyderNEDPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:36.284
21Daniel MunozESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:36.393
22Marcel SchrotterGERRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:36.655
23Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:36.682
24Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:36.799
25Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:36.920
26Jaume MasiaESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.252
27Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:37.254
28Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:37.595


Somkiat Chantra was fastest in Moto2 P2 at Assen and set a new lap record as he topped the session by over a-tenth-of-a-second.

Manuel Gonzalez was second-fastest, ahead of Aron Canet, while Fermin Aldeguer and championship leader Sergio Garcia completed the top five. Ai Ogura rounded out the top six, while the positive signs showed by Tony Arbolino on Friday continued into Saturday, the Italian ending seventh in P2.

Alonso Lopez, Celestino Vietti, and Marcos Ramirez completed the top 10, while Jeremy Alcoba, Darryn Binder, Diogo Moreira, and Jake Dixon took the final four Q2 spots. All of the riders in the top 14 were inside the lap record that existed for Moto2 ahead of this weekend, a 1:36.000 set last year by Ai Ogura.

After their respective crashes in P1 on Friday afternoon, neither Filip Salac nor Joe Roberts took part in P2. Salac remained in hospital overnight and was declared unfit, while Joe Roberts was declared unfit yesterday afternoon due to a broken collarbone.

2024 Moto2 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | P2 Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:35.341
2Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:35.455
3Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:35.483
4Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:35.486
5Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:35.521
6Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:35.570
7Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:35.642
8Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:35.655
9Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:35.697
10Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:35.733
11Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:35.853
12Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:35.917
13Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:35.944
14Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:35.960
15Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:36.010
16Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:36.098
17Bo BendsneyderNEDPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:36.122
18Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:36.133
19Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:36.161
20Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:36.303
21Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:36.456
22Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:36.515
23Jaume MasiaESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.133
24Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:37.145
25Marcel SchrotterGERRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:37.170
26Daniel MunozESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.447
27Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:37.697
28Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:37.709
29Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:38.408


Fermin Aldeguer, 2024 Moto2 Catalan Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Fermin Aldeguer was fastest in Moto2 P1 at Assen, a session which was red flagged in the first minutes.

The reason for the red flag was Filip Salac, who eventually walked away after crashing at turn seven. Joe Roberts crashed there later on, too, the American, winner in Mugello last time out, then being taken to the medical centre after the session and there was declared unfit with a collarbone fracture.

Roberts had just gone to the top of the times when he crashed, but would later be replaced by Aldeguer, while Ai Ogura bumped Roberts to third in the standings.

Sergio Garcia was fourth, ahead of Tony Arbolino who was encouraging in fifth, while Aron Canet completed the top six. Alonso Lopez was seventh, ahead of Manuel Gonzalez, Somkiat Chantra, and Albert Arenas who rounded out the top 10. The final four provisional Q2 positions were taken by Marcos Ramirez, Bo Bendsneyder, Jake Dixon, and Zonta van den Goorbergh.

2024 Moto2 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | P1 Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:35.912
2Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:35.984
3Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:36.183
4Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:36.195
5Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:36.282
6Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:36.286
7Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:36.383
8Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:36.547
9Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:36.550
10Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:36.605
11Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:36.694
12Bo BendsneyderNEDPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:36.751
13Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:36.773
14Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:36.779
15Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:36.789
16Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:36.833
17Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:36.930
18Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:36.936
19Daniel MunozESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.132
20Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:37.134
21Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:37.217
22Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:37.226
23Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:37.330
24Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:37.789
25Jaume MasiaESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.845
26Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:37.893
27Marcel SchrotterGERRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:37.918
28Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:38.432
29Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:39.104
30Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:39.106
31Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalexNo Time Set


Ai Ogura, 2024 Moto2 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

At one point in Moto2 Free Practice at Assen, Boscoscuro locked out the top four positions. Ai Ogura ended fastest of all of them, ahead of his MT Helmets MSI (which also topped the Moto3 Dutch TT Free Practice with Ivan Ortola) teammate Sergio Garcia.

Aron Canet, on the Fantic Racing Kalex, broke the Boscoscuro dominance by finishing the session third-fastest, ahead of the Speed Up Racing duo of Alonso Lopez and Fermin Aldeguer.

Jake Dixon was sixth, ahead of Tony Arbolino, Celestino Vietti, Joe Roberts (ninth despite an early crash), and Marcos Ramirez who completed the top 10.

2024 Moto2 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | FP Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto2 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Ai OguraJAPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:36.458
2Sergio GarciaESPMT Helmets MSIBoscoscuro1:36.536
3Aron CanetESPFantic RacingKalex1:36.547
4Alonso LopezESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:36.550
5Fermin AldeguerESPSpeedUp RacingBoscoscuro1:36.587
6Jake DixonGBRCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:36.788
7Tony ArbolinoITAElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:36.882
8Celestino ViettiITARed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:36.997
9Joe RobertsUSAAmerican RacingKalex1:37.023
10Marcos RamirezESPAmerican RacingKalex1:37.036
11Albert ArenasESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:37.053
12Bo BendsneyderNEDPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:37.138
13Filip SalacCZEElf Marc VDS Racing TeamKalex1:37.197
14Manuel GonzalezESPQJ Motor Gresini Moto2Kalex1:37.233
15Somkiat ChantraTHAIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:37.256
16Diogo MoreiraBRAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:37.372
17Jeremy AlcobaESPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:37.472
18Dennis FoggiaITAItaltrans Racing TeamKalex1:37.684
19Barry BaltusBELRW Racing GPKalex1:37.770
20Zonta van den GoorberghNEDRW Racing GPKalex1:37.793
21Darryn BinderRSALiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:37.847
22Senna AgiusAUSLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPKalex1:37.923
23Izan GuevaraESPCFMoto Aspar TeamKalex1:38.211
24Mario AjiINOIdemitsu Honda Team AsiaKalex1:38.549
25Jaume MasiaESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:38.639
26Marcel SchrotterGERRed Bull KTM AjoKalex1:38.716
27Daniel MunozESPPreicanos Racing TeamKalex1:38.726
28Xavi CardelusANDFantic RacingKalex1:39.204
29Alex EscrigESPForward Racing TeamForward1:39.381
30Ayumu SasakiJAPYamaha VR46 Master Camp TeamKalex1:39.339
31Xavi ArtigasESPForward Racing TeamForward1:39.559

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