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Moto3 Dutch TT, Race: Ortola Steals Victory From Veijer in Last Lap Epic

Gold and Goose

Moto3 is back this weekend after a three-week break since the Moto3 Italian Grand Prix in Mugello. Following consecutive victories since the Moto3 French Grand Prix, David Alonso leads the riders' standings. Angel Piqueras started from pole position, but Ivan Ortola took victory in the race, beating Collin Veijer in the final corner.

Grand Prix

Collin Veijer looked set to take a maiden home win in the Moto3 Dutch TT, but an excellent final lap from Ivan Ortola saw him snatch victory in the final corner.

It was Ortola who led from the start, but by lap five things were heating up and the front and the usual Moto3 group battle was developing. Despite the fighting, the top 13 riders were able to break away from the rest of the field, and things were tough to call for the opening half of the race.


Veijer, who had been the dominant rider in practice, took the lead for the first time on lap 11 and, with the help of some battling behind between David Alonso, David Munoz, and Jose Antonio Rueda, was able to escape to the tune of almost one second with three laps to go.

What had helped Veijer was that, when Alonso took second place on lap 16, the riders behind seemed to settle in behind him, relying on the usually peerless pace of Alonso to drag them back to the leading Dutchman.

Ivan Ortola, 2024 Moto3 Dutch TT. Credit: Gold and Goose.

However, after a few laps it became evident that Alonso was not the rider to lead a charge back to the front, and Ivan Ortola was the first rider to understand this. He took point of the chasing pack on lap 18.

By lap 20, Ortola was on Veijer's wheel, and he'd dropped Alonso, Munoz, and Rueda who continued to battle. Ortola had caught Veijer just before the beginning of the final lap, which meant that Veijer knew he was there, which in turn meant he could plan his defence. As a result, he went to the inside in braking for the final chicane, but Ortola braked later around the outside. Veijer got the better run out of the chicane and drew alongside Ortola, but finally he missed out by 0.012 seconds.

Veijer's loss was Ortola's gain, and in particular the gain of his first victory for the MT Helmets MSI team, which gave the #48 a run out on one of its Moto2 bikes in the break between Italy and the Dutch TT.

Behind Veijer, Munoz won out in the battle for the final podium spot, passing two riders in the final sector to finish third. Jose Antonio Rueda was then fourth, ahead of David Alonso who completed the top five.

Luca Lunetta was the best Honda rider in sixth place, having spent much of the first part of the race trying to break into the top 10, while Adrian Fernandez was seventh ahead of his Leopard Honda teammate and pole sitter Angel Piqueras. Stefano Nepa and Ryusei Yamanaka rounded out the top 10.

2024 Moto3 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | Dutch TT Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTMWIN
2Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna0.012
3David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM2.197
4Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM2.430
5David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto2.460
6Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda2.487
7Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda2.531
8Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda2.689
9Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM2.877
10Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM2.932
11Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas5.067
12Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM9.420
13Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda20.016
14Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas27.868
15Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto27.940
16Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM28.140
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda28.201
18Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM28.261
19Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM31.102
20Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda32.446
21Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda33.731
22Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda33.878
23Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM48.306
24Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda52.844
DNFTatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarnaDNF
DNFDavid AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHondaDNF


Angel Piqueras, 2024 Moto3 Dutch TT. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Collin Veijer looked certain to take a home pole position at Assen, but a crash in the final corner meant that the advantage swung to his rivals.

It was Angel Piqueras who took the greatest advantage, taking pole position from Taiyo Furusato, while Veijer ended third.


Ivan Ortola was fourth, ahead of Ryusei Yamanaka and Stefano Nepa on row two, while Jose Antonio Rueda heads up row three from Adrian Fernandez and Joel Esteban. Luca Lunetta completed the qualifying top 10, and will line up alongside David Munoz and Tatsuki Suzuki on the fourth row.

2024 Moto3 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | Qualifying Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:39.746
2Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:39.820
3Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:40.055
4Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.073
5Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.113
6Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:40.146
7Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:40.189
8Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:40.254
9Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:40.284
10Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:40.298
11David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:40.379
12Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:40.392
13David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:40.457
14Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:40.468
15Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:40.476
16Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:40.735
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:41.139
18David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:41.570
19Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:41.028
20Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:41.063
21Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:41.152
22Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:41.497
23Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:41.528
24Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:41.548
25Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:42.025
26Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:42.264


Collin Veijer, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Collin Veijer was fastest again in Moto3 P2 at Assen, leaving it late to top his second straight session and take the Moto3 lap record.

P2 was also a milestone session for Moto3, as Ivan Ortola became the first rider to lap the TT Assen circuit in under 100 seconds at a 1:39.790. Ortola was eventually beaten back to third by Angel Piqueras and then Veijer, while David Munoz and David Alonso completed the top five. The top seven ended up lapping in the 1:39s, with Ryusei Yamanaka and Joel Kelso also scraping under the 1:40 barrier.

Taiyo Furusato, Adrian Fernandez, and Luca Lunetta completed the top 10, while Dani Holgado, Stefano Nepa, Scott Ogden, and David Almansa took the final automatic Q2 spots.

2024 Moto3 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | P2 Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:39.703
2Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:39.777
3Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:39.790
4David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:39.859
5David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:39.900
6Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:39.930
7Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:39.934
8Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:40.-23
9Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:40.050
10Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:40.068
11Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:40.147
12Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:40.159
13Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:40.226
14David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:40.290
15Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:40.369
16Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:40.382
17Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:40.441
18Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:40.606
19Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:40.857
20Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:40.986
21Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:41.398
22Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:41.435
23Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:41.539
24Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:41.651
25Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:41.954
26Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:42.215


Collin Veijer, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Collin Veijer was fastest on Friday afternoon at his home race, the Moto3 Dutch TT. The #95 was almost 0.3 seconds faster than second-placed Ryusei Yamanaka in what was a dominant performance from the Dutchman, akin to that displayed on many occasions this year by championship leader David Alonso.

For Alonso himself, Friday in Assen was something of a struggle, finishing P1 down in ninth place and over 0.6 seconds behind Veijer. Without doubt, it was his toughest Friday of the season.

Between him and Veijer were the aforementioned Yamanaka, the second MT Helmets MSI rider, Ivan Ortola, Adrian Fernandez, Jose Antonio Rueda, Angel Piqueras, Joel Kelso, and Luca Lunetta, while behind the Colombian Dani Holgado completed the top 10.

Tatsuki Suzuki, Scott Ogden, Jacob Roulstone, and Stefano Nepa took the final four provisional Q2 positions.

2024 Moto3 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | P1 Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:40.259
2Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.553
3Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.569
4Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:40.603
5Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:40.626
6Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:40.688
7Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:40.789
8Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:40.865
9David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:40.904
10Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:40.907
11Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:40.921
12Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:41.115
13Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:41.119
14Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:41.126
15Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:41.128
16David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:41.425
17Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:41.536
18Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:41.687
19Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:41.706
20Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:41.707
21Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:41.723
22David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:41.789
23Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:41.985
24Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:42.377
25Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:42.510
26Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:42.984


Ivan Ortola, 2024 Moto3 Italian Grand Prix. Credit: Gold and Goose.

Ivan Ortola was fastest in Free Practice for the Moto3 riders at the Dutch TT, finishing just under a-tenth-of-a-second ahead of his MT Helmets MSI teammate Ryusei Yamanaka.

Ortola's time meant that David Alonso didn't finish Moto3 Free Practice as the fastest rider for the first time since the Portuguese Grand Prix over three months ago.

This time, Alonso was fourth behind the two MSI machines and the Leopard Racing Honda of Adrian Fernandez. Behind Alonso was Jose Antonio Rueda, rounding out the top five.

Scott Ogden was an encouraging sixth, ahead of Stefano Nepa, Collin Veijer, Joel Kelso, and Joel Esteban who completed the top 10.

2024 Moto3 Dutch TT | TT Circuit Assen | FP Result | Rd 8/20
PosRiderNat.Moto3 TeamManufacturerTiming
1Ivan OrtolaESPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.610
2Ryusei YamanakaJAPMT Helmets MSIKTM1:40.701
3Adrian FernandezESPLeopard RacingHonda1:40.813
4David AlonsoCOLCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:40.849
5Jose Antonio RuedaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:40.958
6Scott OgdenGBRMLav RacingHonda1:41.010
7Stefano NepaITAMTA TeamKTM1:41.075
8Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:41.088
9Joel KelsoAUSBOE MotorsportsKTM1:41.399
10Joel EstebanESPCFMoto Aspar TeamCFMoto1:41.643
11Riccardo RossiITACIP Green PowerKTM1:41.677
12Tatsuki SuzukiJAPLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GPHusqvarna1:41.769
13Dani HolgadoESPRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:41.780
14David MunozESPBOE MotorsportsKTM1:41.938
15Taiyo FurusatoJAPHonda Team AsiaHonda1:42.023
16David AlmansaESPRivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:42.111
17Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:42.171
18Angel PiquerasESPLeopard RacingHonda1:42.178
19Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra CorseHonda1:42.194
20Xabi ZurutuzaESPRed Bull KTM AjoKTM1:42.391
21Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers TeamHonda1:42.461
22Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GasGas Tech3GasGas1:42.777
23Josh WhatleyGBRMLav RacingHonda1:42.800
24Noah DettwilerSUICIP Green PowerKTM1:42.832
25Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team AsiaHonda1:43.180
26Nicola CarraroESPMTA TeamKTM1:43.627

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